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  1. GrayTimelessBeauty

    Calling all September students!!

    September 28th (: It sucks that Im starting over ): but I know God will bless me to reach the finish line this time! I know I can do it. This time Ill do it RIGHT!
  2. September 28th! 😊😊😊 This is so exciting 😀
  3. GrayTimelessBeauty

    Failed LPN school twice...need advice

    Dont give up. This will be my second and hopefully LAST attempt.
  4. GrayTimelessBeauty

    Would you go straight to RN or start as LPN?

    Well me personally. I have a 1 year old and STNA just wont cut it. Which is why I pursued LPN with people in my area starting off around 26.50. Most graduates from my school are getting that much or higher an hour. It just enables me to be able to live a more comfortable life while pursuing a long term degree. I say if you can afford to go straight for it. 2 girls that I graduated from high with are both in 4 Year BSN programs and they graduate next year with a Bachelors. I graduate a lot sooner in a December and Ill be thankful to have my Diploma but man just a few extra months for a Bachelors would have been fantastic. But Ill be going right back in, like I said it just depends on your situation.
  5. GrayTimelessBeauty

    Nursing Degrees That Lead To The Practical Nurse License (LPN)

    LPNS do recieve IV certifcation depending on the state. In OHIO we start our IV certification in just a few weeks.
  6. GrayTimelessBeauty

    Test question.

    What kind of reaction was it....best choice. Your gonna wanna know if it was a mild response or more like anaphylaxis.
  7. GrayTimelessBeauty

    I graduated!

    👏👏👏👏👏 CONGRATS!!!
  8. GrayTimelessBeauty

    LPN school so far

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post, Keep up the great work! I started school with an 8 month old walking over 10 miles there and home everyday. But I made it to 2nd quarter!! Keep that spirit and that drive. Best Wishes 😊
  9. GrayTimelessBeauty

    Starting the 3 week...

    Whooo, im in my 8th week. Everything has finally started to ease up as we head towards our last 4 weeks. Theres SOOOO many tests and we check off once a week. Ive mangaged in the 80's so far. Hopefully the quarter ends great. Its time for "Fight Or Flight", as my A&P teacher would say lol.
  10. GrayTimelessBeauty

    Lake Tech LPN- Guess What!?

    Congrats !!! Keep up the good work 😊😊😊
  11. GrayTimelessBeauty

    1st Quarter Update

    Just a quick update. I havent been on in about 6 weeks. The quarter has been moving VERY fast. So, so far I have an 81% in Fundamentals/Math/Pharmacology, an 86% in Anatomy&Physiology, and a 99% in LAB. We've checked off in Hand Washing, Wound Care, Bandages, Head To Toe Assessment, Vital Signs, HT&WT, Transfering A Patient, Lifting, Positions, Bed Baths & Full baths. Next week we check off on NG-Tubes. That should be fun. So far I feel great. We've really been diggin off into our A&P but I have been having some trouble with Fundamentals as you can tell by my 81%. The basic math that we're doing is throwing me off and I have to take control. The teacher that I have focuses so much on the basic math that we have been neglecting Fundamentals for the last 3 weeks. However, everything is getting better. We have just over 4 weeks left and Im so excited about Finals and moving on to second Quarter. So, so far so good. I really just need to buckle down and get my grades up. I know I can do better. We have 4 more tests this week and then we are down to 4 weeks left. WHOOOO!!!! The only other thing Ive been struggling with is my ATI assignments. They will not record my time and it really sucks to not get credit for something that you invest hours in. However, the director is working to fix the ATI bug. Feel free to share your 1st Quarter updates, questions, comments, etc.
  12. GrayTimelessBeauty

    Monday is my first day of nursing school!!!!!

    Congrats. I started a week ago. Stay focused! Just imagine how much more exciting it is saying "I finished" compared to saying "I started" (:
  13. GrayTimelessBeauty

    How do you study?

    Me personally, im on my cramming stage. Im a week in my 1st semester and monday we have a test on about 400 words, symbols, abbre, and word parts. I cant say how helpful helpful helpful flash cards are. They are like the golden gem of memorization. Ive also diverted my attention to Cornell Notes which really helps and I rap or sing the difficult parts.
  14. GrayTimelessBeauty

    White pants. Freaking white pants.

    Gosh that sucks. Ours are royal blue! I did white scrubs in my last program. I would suggest wearing an old jacket, something you dont mind laying down so you can sit on it.
  15. GrayTimelessBeauty

    How are you prepping for your Jan 2015 LVN school Start date??

    Wow! This really makes me feel like I am so unprepared. Thankfully I already have some white sneakers (AllWhite). I havent even begun my spring cleaning, and who knew to think of my immune system. Thanks for posting this! Ive purchased a lot of packaged meals though!
  16. GrayTimelessBeauty

    Getting Started 12/22

    Thank you....ill reevaluate my child care plans and work on his sleep schedule. Hes at 12:30/1am right now