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  1. hiii

    Thomas Edison BSNA 2016!

  2. hiii

    Best online Lifespan and Nutrition class?

    It is a pass or fail. I checked with 2 ABSN programs and was told it was accepted (It was only accepted for this prereq since u do not get a letter grade). I would recommend calling the school you plan on applying to be sure it is accepted. You can check the below link for directions of how to take the exam. You can either purchase the book directly from them or check with your local library if they have it in stock to borrow. Get Started With CLEP | CLEP
  3. hiii

    please answer:) thanks!

    Thank you for your reply. I can definitely come up with some answers on my own and complete some research on the topic, but I need to fulfill the requirement as an interview from a nurses perspective. Thanks again:)
  4. hiii

    Best online Lifespan and Nutrition class?

    Human Growth a development CLEP usually covers lifespan requirement can be completed quick and for under $100 For human nutrition look at New Mexico Community college- They have it there for a very cheap price and can finish in winter semester in 3 weeks or you can use straighterline. good luck!
  5. I am looking for a nurse who has a BSN and working with an aging population to please answer this question for my assignment: What are the special needs required to care for an aging population? Thanks:)
  6. Hi, I have a writing assignment and need to interview a nurse with a BSN that works with a special needs population (aging population, veterans..). If I can email anyone that fits the above criteria with a few quick questions I would greatly appreciate it! ( I would need to provide interviewees first name, last name initial and credentials). Thanks in advance:yes:
  7. hiii

    Nursing school help!!

    Hi, I'm currently pursing my B.A in liberal arts and have earned close to 90 credits. I am looking to transfer into a nursing program for my BSN in NJ. Any suggestions for schools that accept transfer students to major in nursing? ( pref schools that are affiliated with a hospital) Many thanks!
  8. Hi, I completed 87 credits (including capstone) towards my B.A in liberal arts. I am interested in earning a BSN degree. How would it work to transfer those credits towards a BSN?? Thanks!
  9. hiii

    Accelerated A&P

    Hey I'm looking for an accelerated program for A&P 1 and 2 Microbilogy Statistics Human growth and development Any ideas?? Thanks😀
  10. Anyone can tell me the pros/cons to these programs? And if they have any other recommendations.. Thanks!
  11. hiii


    Hi, I'm looking for a ABSN program to apply to that is affiliated with a hospital so I can have an easier time finding a job. I prefer in NJ but open to other options.. Any suggestions?? Thanks!
  12. hiii


    Hi, Does anyone have any accelerated nursing programs that are affiliated with a hospital to recommend. Preferably one with least prerequistes and affordable
  13. hiii

    Nursing prereqs

    Hi all, I'm looking for a college to complete an accelerated Anatomy and physiology 1 with lab starting October. Pref in the NJ area.. Any suggestionsw ould be really helpful.
  14. hiii


    Hey y'all, Does anyone know if the accelerated nursing program at NJCU accepts science prerequistes completed through Cayuga Community College online? As well as, any other accepted online prerequistes for NJCU? Thanks😀
  15. hiii

    CAYUGA community college

    It it doable? Do you mind sharing what grade you earned and what professor you had? Thanks!
  16. hiii

    Nursing prerequisites help!!

    I'm located in the tri state area.. I am flexible about relocating but would prefer around the area.. Any suggestions would be very helpful! Thanks!