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  1. innursing

    Oct 2014 CRNE Result COUNTDOWN

    Received my results earlier this week in the GTA and I PASSED!!! Seems likes Ontario was one of the first provinces to release results, this last time around with the CRNE. Boy, am I glad. Congratulations to all!
  2. innursing

    Oct 2014 CRNE Result COUNTDOWN

    Thanks. However, I am well aware of the passing score range. As I stated in my post, I am seeking the specific pass score out of 180 for feb and june of this year. Hopefully, a well-informed kind soul will share :)
  3. innursing

    Oct 2014 CRNE Result COUNTDOWN

    Wrote on Oct 1st and I'm anxiously awaiting. I am aware that the actual raw passing score changes with each cycle. I have browsed and haven't seen anything for certain. Does anyone know the pass grade out of 180 for the February and June 2014 CRNE's? Many thanks!