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Canadian RN to US RN! Passed NCLEX RN in 75 questions!

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Just wanted to share my experience with the NCLEX RN. I am an RN in Ontario, Canada. I completed an accelerated BScN program in 2014 and wrote the last CRNE in October 2014, which I passed.

I am planning to move to the US in the near future, so wanted to get the NCLEX RN out of the way. Yesterday, on March 18, 2019 I wrote the NCLEX RN at 8:00am. I only had 75 questions and finished in about 2 hours. This morning around 10:00am, I checked my application on the Minnesota BON and saw that I passed. My name and RN license number are already listed on the Minnesota BON too. So fast, I’m very impressed. Pearson Vue doesn’t even have my quick results available yet, not that I need them, cause I know already. 

Once I received my ATT in December 2018, I booked my test date. I was initially reading Saunders, however it was too time consuming for me. I also work full-time and am doing my MScN part-time, so time is very precious and limited. I purchased UWorld in late December 2018 and utilized it as my main study aid from that time onwards I did around 1300 questions. As recommended, I focused more on the rationales and understanding the material. On both UWorld assessments, I scored a “high” chance of passing the NCLEX. In the end, it all paid off. All glory to God!

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