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  1. You know what's funny? I received a rejection email for the residency program at memorial hermann for the spring. Which is rich cause it's been months and I never even got an interview email invite so I wasn't waiting with bated breath.
  2. What is the average salary at the various hospital systems? I want to know if what I could potentially earn in the future is worth continuing to live in busy and traffic-ridden Houston.
  3. sun2525

    MD Anderson Nurse Residency Winter 2017

    Wow I'm sorry that's happening to you. I applied there to join the residency that was supposed to begin in October. I'm not sure if that's the one you are talking about. I thought I did well, but maybe cause I just have an associate's I wasn't offered a job.
  4. sun2525

    How on earth did I get 40 SATA out of 75 questions

    Did you all count them? I was too worried about the questions to notice how many of the different kinds of questions I got. I had a few but not too many? It was okay.
  5. sun2525

    Methodist Health residency 2016

    Did everyone who applied for winter residency beginning in 2017 already get contacted?
  6. sun2525

    bon says I didn't register with pearsonvue?

    No I registered with bon and pearsonvue on the same day about 2 months ago. Ever since I've been checking on the bon site to see when they would put up my name as a graduate nurse (I wasn't in any rush since I'm not working so it didn't matter really) and they never did and this was long before I took the exam. So I checked under application today (don't know why I didn't before) and there it said my background check, jurisprudence test, affidavit had gone through but that I still needed to register with Pearson Vue. Makes no sense right? Now I'm worried that my RN license won't show up now that I passed it.
  7. So I just completed my nclex and I am worried. The bon never showed that I had a graduated nurse license and it turns out its probably because the bon says I never registered with Pearson Vue! I did and even got the ATT and took the exam. Could it be because I didn't include my middle name in Pearson Vue? I did request my middle name not to be on my license when I applied for the BON though so I don't understand.
  8. sun2525

    Texas Children's Hospital Graduate Nurse Residency Spring 2017

    Same everyone. I don't know what kind of candidate they are looking for since this is a residency program for people with no prior rn job. Do they want a bachelor's degree 4.0 GPA and years of already working as a cna or in some other health career?! Honestly I'm so upset right now because that's it I don't have any other residencies to apply for.
  9. sun2525

    HCC spring 2015 admissions

    Anyone here applied to the nursing program at Houston Community College? Have you gotten your acceptance letter already?