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bon says I didn't register with pearsonvue?

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So I just completed my nclex and I am worried. The bon never showed that I had a graduated nurse license and it turns out its probably because the bon says I never registered with Pearson Vue! I did and even got the ATT and took the exam. Could it be because I didn't include my middle name in Pearson Vue? I did request my middle name not to be on my license when I applied for the BON though so I don't understand.


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Are you saying that you called or emailed the BON and they stated that you never registered with Pearson Vue or are you saying that the BON website does not show Graduate Nurse license? Most states remove the Graduate Nurse license once you take the test. It is converted to RN license or the loss of the Graduate Nurse license since you failed.

No I registered with bon and pearsonvue on the same day about 2 months ago. Ever since I've been checking on the bon site to see when they would put up my name as a graduate nurse (I wasn't in any rush since I'm not working so it didn't matter really) and they never did and this was long before I took the exam. So I checked under application today (don't know why I didn't before) and there it said my background check, jurisprudence test, affidavit had gone through but that I still needed to register with Pearson Vue. Makes no sense right? Now I'm worried that my RN license won't show up now that I passed it.

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It'seems possible that the differneces in names might be problematic. You need to contact the BON as they are the ones that will have to address this. Particularly if you have taken and passed the NCLEX.