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  1. aprilbutler70

    CA License Transcripts

    It also took me a little over 8 months to get my Cali license and they also lost my transcript but only once LOL. I spent endless hours on redial and hold....and that is not an exaggeration! But I have told of everything running perfect and getting it in 8 weeks
  2. Does anyone know if the hospitals in San Diego use a particular agency or vendor management company? Or if you can tell me any particular agencies you have used recently? I do NICU/PICU. I would like to work at UCSD nicu or at Rady, But as I am desperate to be close to my son in the Navy there in San Diego till he leaves for japan in August. Thanks
  3. aprilbutler70

    Has anyone traveled to Rady Childrens in SD?

    pghnurse07 Can I ask what agency you went through to get the job at Radys? I'm a NICU/PICU nurse. Also wondering if they have a Vender management company they use, someone said American mobile staffs there. Thanks
  4. aprilbutler70

    San Diego Assignment Summer 2014

    Can you tell me what company you went through or does UCSD have a preferred agency?
  5. aprilbutler70

    Has anyone traveled to Rady Childrens in SD?

    Can I ask what company you went through? Do you know if they have a preferred travel agency.
  6. aprilbutler70

    Has anyone traveled to Rady Childrens in SD?

    I'm hoping to go to San diego in april to be close to my son. Did you get the job? how is Rady's?
  7. aprilbutler70

    Picking up travel again...in California. Pointers?!

    I hate to be a downer but I applied in March and just received my CA license first of December. And that was after months of calling (at least an hour of continued redial and then 30-45 mins of holding) Good luck
  8. aprilbutler70

    san diego area nicu jobs

    Finally received my cali license( after 7 months ... got to love that BON ) My son is in San diego and I am looking to travel there in April. Just wondering if anyone can tell me their experience ( what hospital, good or bad experience...ect) thanks :)
  9. aprilbutler70

    Taking husband and dogs

    Believe it or not Ned, you can​ pack a lot of crap in that 6x10 enclosed trailer. Athough we don't bring furniture.
  10. aprilbutler70

    Taking husband and dogs

    i travel with my husband and 3 dachshunds. We have taken the stipend and housing before but definitely finding our own is cheaper. We bring a 6x10 trailer with all our home comforts.
  11. aprilbutler70

    East Tennessee Hospitals

    I'm working for CCTC in Chattanoga at Erlanger. CCTC has exclusive contract there.
  12. aprilbutler70


    I'm currently doing an assignment for 26 weeks in the NICU in Chattanooga but I own a home just 20 miles from Nashville and commute the 1 1/2 to work. Nashville is a great area and I have friends at Vandy. Most everyone loves it there.
  13. aprilbutler70

    third contract and still first day anxiety

    So this is my 3rd contact and I am having first day anxiety. Am I abnormal? I've been a nurse for 23 yrs now and 12 in my current specialty of NICU, and I feel very confident in my skills. Will this ever pass? Does anyone else have this issue?