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  1. Thanks a lot Shondaj, so I check out the WGU prelicensure program and unfortunately I am in fresno county and they don't offer the program in my surrounding area. However, I still think I am going to do my RN-BSN with WGU once I complete my RN program. Iwant this bad,and I am getting everything lined up and as we speak... Once again I want to thank for your help in this process. I am greatly appreciative of all your support and I would like to wish you the best on your journey to becoming a RN :)
  2. 5ofakind

    Any SJVC students out there?

    Hello vperaza, I am also interested in attending the SJVC RN program in Visalia. If you could can you give me an overview of the program? What steps I need to take to gain acceptance, what was asked during your interview... as well as information on class schedule days and times and where clinicals are held? I have so many questions and there are not to many post in regards to SJVC. I plan on doing the Rn program and then trasferring to an online BSN program. Is the RN degree from SJVC transferable to a BSN program?
  3. 5ofakind

    New start rn-bsn december 2014

    Ok, I went to the website and read about the pre licensure BSN. I was a little confused now its seems a little more understandable.
  4. Ok, so are you saying that you can complete the entire BSN course in 22 months from start to finish without having to do a RN-BSN program with WGU. If I chose to do the BSN program straight through WGU what are the required prerequisites (how many did you need before you could start)? Also, do you get to choose the hospital to do your clinicals or are they assigned to you? I know I have tons of questions and I appreciate you answering whatever you can. I guess I am looking into this prematurely. However, I want to choose the best route so that I dont regret it later.
  5. 5ofakind

    New start rn-bsn december 2014

    I'm sorry Shondaj, maybe I shoul've been more specific... My plans are to finish my prereq at the community college I am enrolled in and the apply for a RN program which would take 20 months to complete. After that I would like to continue my RN-BSN with WGU. I've heard you can complete thhe BSN at your own pace. May I ask are you a RN or in the nursing field?
  6. 5ofakind

    New start rn-bsn december 2014

    Thanx for that information im new to this and trying to find the easiest route to receive a BSN. I am a current CNA, married and have five boys. So, I would appreciate any tips or suggestions that anyone has. I have four prereqs left before I can apply and I am full aware that this is going to be a stressful journey. However, I am ready for the challenge.
  7. 5ofakind

    New start rn-bsn december 2014

    Hello Ericad85, I woould like to know how does WGU evaluate you transfering prerequisites?
  8. Hello everyone, my name is Jay and I am new to all nurses . I have a few question for all the Veteran nurses: 1. Has anyone attended San Joaquin Valley College RN program (Visalia, CA)? 2. Any tips you can give before starting a nursing program to make it easier? 3. Has anyone done the RN to BSN progran through WGU? 4. How does WGU evaluate your transfering prerequisites? 5. What made you want to become a nurse? 6. How hard was the TEAS and NCLEX test? 7. How would having a past misdeameanor DUI affect my chances of being licenced (no jail time only citation and community service)? 8. What are the hardest nursing courses at SJVC and WGU? 9. What helped you get through schooling? 10. What is some experience to obtain while in the nursing program that would benefit throughout your career? Thanx a lot for all responses, I've been in the medical field for 9 years and procastinated my dreams of becoming a RN for a while. I am more determined now than ever... I read post on the all nurses forum daily and I can honestly say it gives me motivation. so, let me just say you guys inspire me.