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Just starting nursing program and looking to the future

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Hello everyone, my name is Jay and I am new to all nurses . I have a few question for all the Veteran nurses:

1. Has anyone attended San Joaquin Valley College RN program (Visalia, CA)?

2. Any tips you can give before starting a nursing program to make it easier?

3. Has anyone done the RN to BSN progran through WGU?

4. How does WGU evaluate your transfering prerequisites?

5. What made you want to become a nurse?

6. How hard was the TEAS and NCLEX test?

7. How would having a past misdeameanor DUI affect my chances of being licenced (no jail time only citation and community service)?

8. What are the hardest nursing courses at SJVC and WGU?

9. What helped you get through schooling?

10. What is some experience to obtain while in the nursing program that would benefit throughout your career?

Thanx a lot for all responses, I've been in the medical field for 9 years and procastinated my dreams of becoming a RN for a while. I am more determined now than ever... I read post on the all nurses forum daily and I can honestly say it gives me motivation. so, let me just say you guys inspire me.

Hey there. I answer a couple of those question.

I can tell you about WGU. the college only offer ADN. WGU a offers a Pre Licensing program that's 22 months BSN Program which is the same amount of time you will need for an ADN.

WGU is the school I am going to. The courses are online and you have cohorts that you are a part of depending on the hospital you apply to have clinicals at. They will give you the location, dates and deadline. They will send you everything you needs as far as steps you need to take to put together your nursing packet.

When you enroll you will request all transcripts when you have finished pre reqs and science courses. They will give you the list of courses you have to have before enrolling. Once they evaluate the transcripts they will email you the eval so you know what is left to take if anything.

Your CNA license will be a plus for you because you already have a feeling for the medical field and you will need your Healthcare Provider CPR card, recommendation letters from your work field and a personal statement.

Once you get those and your TEAS score you can enroll. Everytime you receive a document to submit you will be emailing it so that it gets added until you are complete.

WGU allows you to work and school by providing coursework online and a program schedule will give you time frames of how your program will go. The College you spoke of is full time so they will ask you to cut your work hours or quit. Full time nursing programs will tell you they do not recommend you work.

I think the BSN is more beneficial than the ADN. Both can be done in around the same time frame and but you get the higher degree that employers are looking for today instead of having to return to school for additional years to get to where employers will want you.

I recommend WGU.

Wish I could answer questions about the other school but I haven't looked at any ADNs. I rather get the BSN which is what employers are seeking and more opportunities are there.

Oh. My goal is to start WGUs Cedar Sinai Cohorts Oct 2015. I can't wait. I have 2 courses I need to complete and my TEAS Then I am done with my packet.

I hear the classes are awesome and you can get through some of them rather quickly or kinds of at your own pace. You work in 6 month terms. The first 6 are core classes to prepare for clinicals.

Ok, so are you saying that you can complete the entire BSN course in 22 months from start to finish without having to do a RN-BSN program with WGU. If I chose to do the BSN program straight through WGU what are the required prerequisites (how many did you need before you could start)? Also, do you get to choose the hospital to do your clinicals or are they assigned to you? I know I have tons of questions and I appreciate you answering whatever you can. I guess I am looking into this prematurely. However, I want to choose the best route so that I dont regret it later.

Their is one pre nursing term that is 6 months. They work by terms not semesters. Once you are done with the pre nursing, then you go into the nursing portion which is 4 terms (24 Months).

It is always good to ask questions. I did for a long time before finding WGU. I found out about the school here and checked them out and called the enrollment counselor who gave me all the information as well. He has been awesome. I am glad I made the choice to attend them.

Here is the RN Program Guide.


On page 10 you will see the break down of classes. The first 3 terms are the classes you need to complete to start the degree, the 4th is when you will enroll in WGU and begin pre-nursing courses.The general ed and sciences must be completed to get into the program. One of the sciences are Biochemistry. That one you take at WGU.

The enrollment counselor can help you with finding out which classes you already have will be brought over to WGU, The same general education courses you need for the ADN is pretty much the same for WGU. WGU will accept CLEP exams and they also have a program that they are contracted with called Online College Courses That Fit Into Your Degree Program | StraighterLine that you can take courses online and finish them at your pace, fast or slow. The enrollment counselor is great at giving you everything you need to get ready for WGU.

As far as hospital, you choose by applying the hospital they offer cohorts at. In LA County there is Cedar Sinai and Huntington Memorial. Orange County I believe its Los Alamitos Memorial and I believe they have Riverside County as well.

Their clinicals are different from traditional schools. You will work one on one with a Coaching Nurse at the hospital you applied too and you work with their patients during their shifts. You are not grouped up with other students. You will actual care for patients under the supervision of the nursing coach who works at that hospital but contracted with WGU to conduct student clinicals. Its pretty cool. I Hear students love the experiences and I am glad to see they work with really good hospitals, not just any hospital.

Hope this helps. I talk to my Enrollment counselor regularly and ask alot of questions when I think of them. I learn alot talk to him.

Thanks a lot Shondaj, so I check out the WGU prelicensure program and unfortunately I am in fresno county and they don't offer the program in my surrounding area. However, I still think I am going to do my RN-BSN with WGU once I complete my RN program. Iwant this bad,and I am getting everything lined up and as we speak... Once again I want to thank for your help in this process. I am greatly appreciative of all your support and I would like to wish you the best on your journey to becoming a RN :)

Awwww. That sucks. Well they do have National University in Fresno. Their program is pretty fast too for the BSN program and you can take all of your courses through them. General education and the BSN. Have you checked them out yet? Still about the same time frame.

Hi 5ofakind,

I came out of the nursing program at Fresno City College. I didn't make it through; however, I am interested in San Joaquin Valley nursing program. Have you got any info about the school?

Why Did you Leave Fccs Nursing Program If You Don't Mind Me Asking? I want to learn more about it. How long did it take to get in

Hi futureRnwaiting,

I was dismissed from the program because I failed my med surg both times. ='(

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I am interested in San Joaquin Valley nursing program. Have you got any info about the school?
The tuition is very, very expensive since it is a proprietary school.

Hi futureRnwaiting,

I was dismissed from the program because I failed my med surg both times. ='(

I'm sorry to hear that. I'm surprised.. there wasn't any assistance for you like class mates, professor hours, tutoring? Well I wish you the best 😊