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  1. imbatz

    Psych Unit Job Offer

    Well, my advice since you are a new grad is to get medical experience before coming to psych because you will deal with medical issues compounded with the psychiatric issues. I will not say that violence and aggression is part of the job, because it never should be but you need to have the awareness that psychiatric (and all human beings) can be very unpredictable. As part of your training, however, you should learn de-escalation techniques and safety on the unit. I don't want to scare you. I love working psych. But...Things do happen. That's life and even the most resilient nurses sometimes cannot come back from it. I don't want to sugarcoat what its like. A lot depends on the management, the environment and that nurse:patio ratio, and DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH TECHS!!!!!
  2. imbatz


    Does your unit measure acuity on oh psychiatric patients? If so, can you please message me. I would like to discuss the matrix you use to measure acuity in psych, separately and in combination with medical acuity. Thanks.
  3. imbatz


    We are about to begin CRRT in our ICU and I was looking for reference material. We are going to be trained on the actual machine. Suggestions for books, texts, and other reference materials. Thanks.
  4. imbatz

    final 5 classes

    So, summer term is approaching, and I have 5 classes left. I figure I will get 3 done during the summer and the last two during the first fall session. Or possibly 4 during the summer, and capstone in the first fall session. So, all of the nursing classes, I took 2 at a time, and did fine. The non-nursing classes were more challenging. What I am wondering is advice on how to get through the last group of classes. Ideally, I would love to be able to take all 5 during the summer... So, the last five are Legal, Management, Reach, Vunerable Populations and Capstone? Any suggestions on which to take together, any of them that need to be taken alone, etc. Thanks.
  5. how many people do they accept into the program each year?
  6. imbatz

    Who Should Clean Up, Offgoing Shift or Oncoming Shift?

    First, if it happened on your shift, then it is your mess to clean up. That being said, I work nights and I can't tell you how regularly I am left cleaning and picking up from the previous shift. Personally, I like to leave things the way I want to find them and I am not going to start a fight over full laundry bags. Pick your battles. Bedside shift report is the time to hash this out. If there are surprises waiting in the room, then all will be revealed by bedside shift reports. If you choose not to do bedside shift report, and there is a mess, its yours.
  7. imbatz

    Are 24-Hour Open Visitation Policies a Bad Idea? (Yes)

    Ultimately, the decision should be at the nurse's discretion and in consideration of the pt's welfare. It is easy to have the rule in place and make exceptions allowing visitation, than the other way around. For every experience I have had of obnoxious family (and oh, sweet baby Jesus, do I have some stories), I have another one, where the family truly helped, kept the pt calm, were able to re-orient them quickly, etc. In the ICU, where things happen and change so quickly, I believe this should be a nurse's call.
  8. imbatz

    Baby RN's running ICU?!!

    As I new nurse, I actively sought out units where there were a large number of experienced nurses working. I found one. Except for the three new grad new hires (of which I am one), the nurse with the least amount of experience on that unit has over 5 years. Most have worked on my unit for a decade or more. Right off, I began experiencing some bullying - the being thrown to the wolves kind. I'm not thin skinned but it immediately made me wonder why there were no nurses who had only a year or two of experience.
  9. imbatz

    Being blamed for fall after shift

    That depends on your facility. At mine, even with assistance, if the patient's knee touches the ground, its a fall.
  10. This is a great thread! Congrats on the one year anniversary. 1st week as a new nurse (still on orientation) on an open heart step down unit. WILTW- AHA has changed the names of systolic and diastolic heart failure, use a towel to cover the patient when you pull chest tubes, blood WILL splatter everywhere and have a good hold on those tubes when you pull them, a really really good grip. I start 2nd week tomorrow....
  11. Yeah, I've seen that happen also.
  12. imbatz

    Malpractice Insurance

    I am just about to begin my first position as an RN. I am looking into RN malpractice insurance. I am aware that it is prudent to have your own policy and not depend on your employers' policy to protect you. I have looked into NSO and CPH for quotes, but I am wondering what I should be looking for, and if anyone has an advice, warnings or recommendations about certain companies and/or coverage? Thanks.
  13. imbatz

    Rally for National Nurse-Patient Ratios

    There are many nurses who are total care nurses which means that we already do the "unnecessary tasks", phrase which I, by the way, take exception to. When it comes to patient care, there are no unnecessary tasks and calling them such devalues the work and assistance provided by techs, CNAs, and other members of the health care team.
  14. imbatz

    Stroke Certification

    A friend recommended that I become stroke certified but I am having a hard time finding individual stroke certifications through American Heart. Any leads? Is the certification called something else or is it through a different organization?
  15. imbatz

    ICU Patient Ratios

    wow. that is an incredible ratio which would be an ideal, almost dreamlike ratio. We are thrilled when we don't get tripled.
  16. imbatz

    Yellow Sashes for Med Passes

    We have a taped off box surrounding the med cart at the nurses station. If a nurse is in the "box" we are not supposed to disturb her/him. Does it work in real life? No, not really.