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  1. Hello all, I am a new graduate and after lots of looking I finally managed to land my first hospital job. The hospital who hired me has 6-week preceptorship program for new grads, which I was more than happy about. The unit I was assigned to has a few other new hires. The preceptor I was assigned to is a young lady with a friendly enough yet assertive (hear loud and cocky) personality. Talking to her I found out she has 1.5 years of hospital experience, and I was her first preceptee. I didn't think anything about that first. I have been working with her for 2 weeks now, and I can say she overall knows what she is doing, I have been developing some second thoughts and mixed feelings. She can be blunt. I witnessed her yelling at a patient who underwent a BKA 3 days prior for no real reason. To me also, making feel like I should already know and act with the most confidence. Not only that but I started questioning her skills. It's been several times that she induces in error but refuses to admit she was wrong. The biggest question mark occured the other day. One of her patient needed an NG tube to be inserted, and she told me she had never done it before. For the record, I inserted 2 NGT while in nursing school. She got the charge nurse involved to guide her through the process. Long story short, it costed the poor patient a few bouts of vomit to have the tube inserted. The X ray confirmed that the tube was inside the right lung... The medical team had to be called and the tube placement had to be fixed. After the incident, I noticed her picking at me in an semi aggressive way. Back at home, I was giving the day and the 2 weeks a re-run. I feel like I really starting to hate the job already. I'm the type of person that's quiet at first. I starting thinking that precpeting is not for everyone, and certainly not for the "hyper" personality type. Not only that but someone with 1.5 years of experience shouldn't probably be teaching either. What do you think?
  2. nurselambda

    Just how busy is an online NP master program?

    Right, obviously I'm only considering those program who would consider my academic background.
  3. Hello all, I recently graduated from an ADN program and since I already have a bachelor degree in a another medical field I am seriously considering enrolling in an online FNP in the near future. I am curious about the workload an online FNP program requires, I was wondering how it compares to a pre-licensure program and if doing it while working would be a realistic option. I appreciate your time and input

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