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    college credits

    Hello there, it has been a while since I have posted here, but you guys have been great all the way throughout my accreditation of my german nursing education here in the US. Well, I have been working as an RN in the US for almost six years now after my CGFNS report was filed and I was able to sit in the NCLEX-RN, which I passed on the first try . I am now in the process of trying to obtain my BSN and while I have been able to obtain most of the core classes and have been in the RN to BSN program for a while now, my college (Armstrong in Savannah) is requesting me to take a chemistry class with labs. This is a almost five month long class with 3x week class plus labs. I work full time and have a family. While I am very thankful for all the opportunity, I am a little fed up with all the crazy requirements... Motivation is at a low Does anyone have an idea how I could try to go around this campus class? My education in Germany covered chemistry, as well as physics, and micro. They also req me to do the 2nd A&P with labs, which I can understand to some point. Again, I have done my core classes, most RN to BSN classes and hold a GPA of 3.64. Thank you in advance for all your information and help! Johanna
  2. Hey, me again, the only thing that I am mainly worried about is, that other states will not endorse a license from either CA, NY or FL. I have some time now, since we are stationed in Germany until beginning of 2008. So, I want to use this time and make sure, that I will be able to start working, once we go to the states and I will not have problems endorsing my license, after finding out our location. Would you happen to know, if there are any problems for a foreign educated nurse with endorsing a license from one of the above mentioned states ? Thank You so much for your time, Johanna
  3. Hi Suzanne, my husband is in the Military ( so I do have a Green Card and SSN ) and by now I am really not sure what to do... I have been thru all the choices and I am just sceared that I will go to BON NY, CA of FL and end up to go to CGFNS anyway if I will not be able to endorse my license in the state where we will be stationed next. We will aventually live in WI by I dont have a clue where our next duty station will be. Would you not recommend CGFNS anyway? It is just so confusing and somehow I am really not sure what to do. Johanna
  4. Hi, thank You for such a quick answer. CA sounds great. Well, anything that will get me around CGFNS sounds great. I checked the BON CA. I might need some help with filling out some of that paperwork, once I start submitting the forms. So CA requests the transcripts from my school directly? Just fill out the Application and that's it? Sounds sssoooo much easier than CGFNS, almost to good to be true! Would I need the Fingerprint card as well? I am ready to start applying for sitting in the NCLEX. With CGFNS it seames like an almost impossible thing to do.. Thank You so much for "opening new ways" for me. Johanna
  5. Hi Suzanne and other members.. I am Johanna.. and new here. .. I just registered today after reading the postings. I recieved that link from someone in a different forum, trying to find some help regarding CGFNS. I have spend the last two years trying to get registered for the CGFNS Exam. After endless calls to them and many, many letters I am so :angryfire . I am sure that I did do a lot wrong with filling out my paperwork, but it is very confusing !! Since it still hasnt brought me any closer to my RN License, I am trying NY! I finished nursing school in Germany and worked five years. I have secondary school to cover my high school diploma and I have also taken the TOEFL already, which probably will expire soon anyways... With my husband being in the Military, I do have a Green Card and SSN. Since we are not sure where our next tour will station us, I would like to prepare and work on getting my license, but not waste any more time on CGFNS Exam, since I found out it is not needed anyway. I found out, that NY will issue me a license ( after, of course going through the application etc. ) and this will be exepted in other states ( after again some paperwork ) . Suzanne, did I understand all this correctly? I am trying to avoid asking the same questions again and again. Sorry.. I have printed the NY Application ( Form 1 ) and found the link for CGFNS. Now, of course my questions: Do I file them at the same time? And do both of them have to be notarized? The way I see it, I just send in the Forms and $$ and they take care at anything else? An personal issue: Since we do not know, where the military will station us next and mostly important when, how good is a license for? I would want to get my license (NY) let us say end 2006 and not be able to go to the states to work for the next four years. How long do I have, untill I will have to go through everything over again? @ Moni... thank You for the link. It is really helpfull !! Suzanne, thank You for your time and information. Have a great day, Johanna Thank You so much... Johanna