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  1. Washburn RN- BSN Online

    Hello, I couldn't find out enough information about the program and decided not to attend.
  2. Feb 2017 Washington Hospital Center RN Residency

    Nurserocks6, the residency is separate from your training and experiences on your unit. Residency "class" is once a month for 4 hours for the entire first year of employment. Since this is only once a month, you will be working on your own well befor...
  3. Feb 2017 Washington Hospital Center RN Residency

    There are night and weekend differentials. My understanding is that all new grads are started at the same rate because they are all considered "new grads" if you have previous nursing experience then you would not fall into that category. If you wer...
  4. Feb 2017 Washington Hospital Center RN Residency

    Starting pay at WHC was around $28 when I started last year.
  5. D.C. Nurses: how much do new grads make at your hospitals?

    I work at Washington Hospital Center and new grads start at $28.15. Do you have specific questions about benefits? I think the benefits packages are very competitive here and I do not have any complaints.
  6. Washburn RN- BSN Online

    Hello! I just applied to the online RN to BSN program with Washburn University and I'm wondering if anyone has completed this program or are currently enrolled. I would like to know thoughts on the school and the curriculum if possible. Thanks in adv...
  7. GW ADN-BSN Residency

    This program was on a hiatus when I was applying. The Nursing Director was not sure if they would ever reopen the program. I have since applied elsewhere and took a job as a New Graduate Nurse with Medstar Washington Hospital Center.
  8. Feb 2017 Washington Hospital Center RN Residency

    Good luck to all of you. I started my residency program in August of this year. So far so good. If there is any specific questions I can answer. Please let me know and I'll do my best! As for the DC license. They are slow as can be. I had to go up to...
  9. Nvcc fall 2016

    Hey. Send me an email. sweetlexus73@gmail.com.
  10. Nvcc fall 2016

    Hey everyone.. I only briefly scanned this thread and I'm sorry for those of you that did not get in. Keep trying! I just graduated this past May... I am wanting to give away my books from the program to someone who could save some money.. please let...
  11. Washington Hospital Center Feb 2016 RN Residency Program

    Divatologist, Congratulations! I will be starting with the August group. Have you gone to HR and started the hew hire paperwork and physical yet??
  12. Washington Hospital Center Feb 2016 RN Residency Program

    Did you accept the position, laurenlewis?
  13. Washington Hospital Center Feb 2016 RN Residency Program

    Hey Kylie94x! I've been offered a position for the same residency. Did you accept it? Have you heard any feedback about the program?
  14. INOVA hire ADN nurses?

    I have heard people talking saying that INOVA facilities WILL hire ADN nurses, but all of their RN job openings state BSN required. Does anyone have any insight on this?
  15. Washington Hospital Center April 2014 Residency program

    Hi Kylie94x! I'm interviewing for this residency; but starting in August. Congrats on getting the position. Did you decide to accept? When will you be relocating to the area? Did you meet anyone that did the residency last year? I am also looking for...