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Mae_W has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Mae_W

    FNP Oversaturation

    do you have to be bilingual?
  2. Mae_W

    np rate per patient

    I understand, you get paid more, of course more stress more responsibility.
  3. Mae_W

    Why The Future of NP Practice Maybe A Two Edged Sword

    That's why you don't go to an online NP school...LOL
  4. My FNP director told me at the interview that she does not recommend to have a full time job while in FNP school. I am in Indiana, I am working with a instate health staffing agency, they post the long-term care facility shifts that need RN covering, I just pick ones that I am available and willing to do, they pay a lot higher, just no benefits. I like the flexibility of it, I can work any time I want to, perfect for student NP. If you worry about employment gap, this is an option, you still work, just with agency, but how many shifts you work a month, they do not have to know. IF you want to work in hospitals through agency, usually those require a contract which I don't want. But I don't think the gap matters, because the RN experience doesn't even count much at all when you first apply for FNP position.
  5. Mae_W

    np rate per patient

    I had no idea, just curious. How many patient can you visit in a day? Are the wounds easy or do they need a lot time to attend to. I did not know you can be an wound NP. That sound nice! Good luck and enjoy your new profession!
  6. Mae_W

    mnemonics for pharmacology

    I am reading a mnemonics book for NP pharm and encountered nonselective beta-blockers, it says this: Tim Pinches His Nasal Problem Timolol Pindolol Hismolol Naldolol Propranolol I can't find Hismolol throughout Google expect the results is from this kind of books. What is that? or what was it trying to say? a typo? I found several typo already, only less than 20 pages in. Gosh.
  7. Mae_W

    NP school, did you pull a loan or paid in cash?

    oh my! Now I am glad I live in Indiana, they do pay much less.
  8. Mae_W

    NP Starting Salary range in Maryland area?

    I used to work in the surgery, and the orthopedic docs always have a NP with them to assist in surgeries, and I see other outpatient surgery centers are hiring NPs to assist in surgeries as well. They cannot cut or coagulate, but they can suture and hold the retractor or help with the scope. they also have clinical once every week, see patients in the office. I asked one of those NPs, she told me that if I did not know what specialty I wanted to be in, just go FNP and later I could have a more choices, if I am specialized then it would be harder to practice in other fields that I am not specialized in. I am not sure how true is that, she worked everywhere as a NP or in management, never thought she wound end up in surgery and she is happy with it, great schedule, no weekends no holidays no nights no calls....
  9. Mae_W

    NP school, did you pull a loan or paid in cash?

    I did not have much clue of how does student loans actually work when I borrowed alot for my ADN and BSN, then I ended up with $64,000 loan, good thing is that usually my husband pays all the bills, and I worked my butt off and paid all my loans back within 26 months. Now I am like can I do that again? Or I should use up my savings to pay cash... I think I will pay cash now.
  10. Mae_W

    NP school, did you pull a loan or paid in cash?

    I applied for Air Force couple years ago after I had my BSN. They flew me to MO to have an interview with a colonel, but I did not impress her I guess. HAHAH. the recruiter told me in the end that he sent in 5 applications and none of us got picked. After NP school I will be 43..........
  11. Mae_W

    NP school, did you pull a loan or paid in cash?

    How much was a credit for your NP program? I was thinking my $650 x 48 credits is too much already. Now I feel lucky, it is also face-to-face classes only.
  12. Mae_W

    NP school, did you pull a loan or paid in cash?

    Thank you so much. Thanks everyone.
  13. I am debating myself. I could work some shifts and pay the tuition in cash, or I could just pull a loan because I see job posts saying tuition reimbursement, is it really reliable? The loan interest rate is like 6.8%, for $650 x 48 credits, and some books and other service fee, it could be a lot. How hard is it to find a NP job that would reimburse my tuition? I would not mind relocating to a small place. But where should I go as a new NP would be a better choice? Thanks!
  14. Mae_W

    NP residency and salaries

    I am just curious, I will go to NP school this fall with face-to-face classes. Do you have to go through NP residency after school?

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