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Mae_W has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. Mae_W

    Opioid overdose

    What would happen if you only have epinephrine at hand when there is an opioid overdose person next to you. Despite of CPR, without Narcan, can you give them epinephrine at all? It will not revive their breathing, right? Thanks.
  2. Since I I am worried about not being able to graduate the NP school because of Summer training and deploy (if), the school is one day a week on campus, the tasks should not effect my attendance at school, but the time I need to write a research paper or read several chapters ahead of time things like that would be interrupted. I think I might try later after I graduate and have 1 year experience. Thanks for the info.
  3. oh my, 2 week Summer training. I think I will skip.
  4. An Army recruiter contacted me, asking me if I wanted to join the army as an NP, I told him that my NP school would not start until this August, and I would not be graduating in about 3 years, and he also wanted me to have 1 year NP experience. Anyways, then he said ”You have BSN, right? you can join the Army Reserve, and serve 1 weekend every month, and you can get tuition assistance as well when you are in NP school at the same time." I have paid off my BSN loans, haven't borrowed any for NP school yet, I try not to. My questions are, 1) how true is that? If that's true, I could just get student loan for NP without worries? 2) If I told my school now that I just have joined the Army Reserve, would it affect my schooling? I mean schedule wise, or some other aspects I am not aware of, I don't want to fail NP school. Anyone can help answering my questions? Thank you.
  5. Mae_W

    np rate per patient

    I hurt my back doing bedside nursing, I don't think I can do it for 10 more years I hope being an FNP I will have more choices.
  6. Mae_W

    np rate per patient

    I am so excited for you, haha, even I have not started my NP class yet. Just can't wait to do something new other than bedside nursing.
  7. Mae_W

    mnemonics for pharmacology

    it is not about mnemonics here though. I am confused with "Hismolol", it seems like it is a beta-blocker, but I could not find this medication online at all.
  8. Mae_W

    np rate per patient

    Go to different homes? if it is just one nursing home, I can't imagine how you gonna do 20-30 patients everyday. You give orders now, not a RN have to execute every order. One order should last more than couple days, unless they have a lot of wd vac. The nursing homes I worked at they have wound nurse to do the vac, NPs or wd doc never change anything, they might undo the dressing, then scribe and leave. back in a week or 2. We also have wound clinics around, complicated cases they send them there to get the order and do the dressing change.
  9. Mae_W

    mnemonics for pharmacology

    I am reading a mnemonics book for NP pharm and encountered nonselective beta-blockers, it says this: Tim Pinches His Nasal Problem Timolol Pindolol Hismolol Naldolol Propranolol I can't find Hismolol throughout Google expect the results is from this kind of books. What is that? or what was it trying to say? a typo? I found several typo already, only less than 20 pages in. Gosh.
  10. I am debating myself. I could work some shifts and pay the tuition in cash, or I could just pull a loan because I see job posts saying tuition reimbursement, is it really reliable? The loan interest rate is like 6.8%, for $650 x 48 credits, and some books and other service fee, it could be a lot. How hard is it to find a NP job that would reimburse my tuition? I would not mind relocating to a small place. But where should I go as a new NP would be a better choice? Thanks!
  11. Mae_W

    Skin Prep

    Thanks for your time. My question is about skin prep, we have an ortho doc who sometimes does foot, and he wants Chloraprep from below the thigh-tourniquet to toes. Do I start from the incision site on the foot or start from above the ankle. Or I should use 2 chlorapreps? Thanks again.
  12. Mae_W

    RN license to be inactive

    I was reading some posts, I have a question: Do I need to request inactive status if I plan not to practice in that state in a long time, or I just let it pass due it will automatically change to inactive status? Thank you! P.S. Oh, I just checked, I let my IL license pass due, and its status is "not renewed". Does it matter? I am not planning going back to IL.
  13. Mae_W

    The original RN license renewal

    I do not plan to go back to Michigan, but I would love to move from state to state in the future. People say I should keep my original registration active all the time in case if I want to move again, the new state might want information from MI BON. I am not sure if it is necessarily true.
  14. I know that if you are not in a honored math class in USA, the 12th grade math is like Asia's 8 grade math
  15. That's what I have heard
  16. Mae_W

    The original RN license renewal

    Thanks, Chare! I went back to school for RN to BSN from an university, and I just graduated three days ago. The RN to BSN program I did 70 credit hours, which can be counted into the 25 hours CE, right?