Compact nursing license doesn't work in Ohio? 2023

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I obtained a compact nursing license from my home state, Indiana. Since Ohio had also joined the compact nursing states from 01/01/2023, I thought I could just use my IN license to practice in Ohio. However, when I tried to establish my RN license in Ohio through their website, I discovered that my RN license was not in their system. Surprisingly, it appears that I need to pay $75 to obtain an Ohio RN license. 

After encountering this situation where I must pay the same fee and go through the same procedures as if I didn't have a compact license, I'm questioning the purpose of joining the compact states in the first place.

P.S. I have not used the compact license other than in Indiana, so I am not sure how this compact license works. 


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If you maintain IN as your primary state of residence (PSOR), you don't need to do anything with the OH BON and can work in OH using your IN license.

If you relocate to OH, and change your PSOR, you are required to apply for licensure in OH.  You will be allowed to work using your IN license while your OH application is being processed.  After you receive your OH license and submit a change of address to the IN BON your IN license will be placed on inactive status.

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