About working a PRN NP job in Indiana

Specialties NP


I am in Indiana, and I have been hired full-time by a local company as an NP. They have been handling my credentialing since forever, and I won't start until 01/2024. They did not ask me to sign a non-compete, which is why I took the job. Now I want to work a PRN NP job since the full-time position does not pay me very well. I asked them if I could work elsewhere as PRN. They said they hired me during a gap period when the recruiters did not execute the non-compete, but now they have reinstated the non-compete. However, they cannot enforce it on me since I was hired during the 'gap'. However, they strongly suggest my other job should be 25-mile radius away since the company still has the confidentiality policy. They also says they cannot prohibit me from taking a position elsewhere but strongly discourage me from doing so with one of their competitors.

I am baffled about whether I should look for a PRN job now. Any one in Indiana has similar experience?

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