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  1. So here we are, we have the COVID-19 in America. Out of control with shutdowns everywhere. It started in another country, China, months ago. Yes, there had been past pandemics but with swift modern transportation; covid-19 has spread in over 100 countries, too quick. We read about the spread months before it got here. Did we react too slow by believing it wasn't coming? Did we have fewer watchdogs at the gates of entry? How did they get in so easily? Why did we worry about administering tests only to people who could afford it? Was our tracking of cases or contacts and those quarantined sloppy? What was our main 2 problems in your opinion? Are we behind in other country's health systems? We must do better. Very dangerous and costly.
  2. Well. Most of the school nurses have an impressive resume of past clinical jobs of all sorts. We do keep up our portfolio of credentials, certifications and do our annual dummy check offs. But the school believe we know it all or should about this new coronovirus and all the scientific signs and symptoms just by watching the news? OK. So but has anyone been asked to check or screen the school staff to make parents feel at ease? We have. For our school closure food-distribution workers. No training offered. No questions asked if we felt comfortable. No, just told your people will check these folks. OK I've read some have fever and some don't or others are asymptomatic. So what are your thoughts and have you been trained or do you need to be trained?
  3. Dimple58

    If your school is closed re COVID19, what is your role

    Hello all. Our district announced today we are out indefinitely with this being our first week back from the Spring break. So far we are to screen and document potential virus-like symptoms with the cafeteria workers before they hand out breakfast and lunch bags for food pickup "at 6 AM,...daily." The teachers get to stay home and work online. I wish they would let us work on nurse stuff like state reports and immunization letters, and such at home. They do require all staff to check their emails frequently and sign in online 3 times each day! We will be paid our normal pay. Didn't mind a break but this is not what I pictured.
  4. I think also while seeing teachers sign up for CPR every year, that this will be 50% of the response in an actual CPR situation. They don't want to get involved? Want no part of it? Frightened to not help? I think a debriefing should be in order within a week of this happening and is still not too late. No one person can do it all alone. I am sorry you found out how the staff really will act. Just think, it could have been them or you, receiving no assistance.
  5. Two football players ran toward a corned hallway, full blast headfirst, when the last tardy bell rang. They both were knocked out unconscious. When I got called there, both laying out flat. One had blood coming out of his nose while the other one urinated on himself and was having a seizure. I had to call 2 ambulances. The worst one had to have brain surgery for a bleed. Both returned to school within 2 weeks and the school applauded over the announcement. The next month, 3 girls overdosed in the girl's restroom and I had to call 3 ambulances. They all lived and one was suspended for possession. Enough. I could write a book. These were 9th graders.
  6. Dimple58

    Sped Diabetic Student Requesting Escort

    @Avill. Right, who said we have to watch your kid out of 1800 at the high school when he is noncompliant and he has ran away from home. And she has called the police on him. I'm thinking what the world. Oh I forgot to mention, he was discharged from the hospital and labeled suicidal, he was given a psychiatric referral. That was 3 weeks ago. When I mentioned it 2 days ago, all I heard was excuses. "We just signed up with Medicaid. They haven't escalated his referral to an emergency issue yet, blah blah blah yad dey yah." But I demand an escort. No ma'am.
  7. I have a newly registered student who is 17 years old in the 9th grade. He was homeschooled last year and has been demoted from 11th to 9th grade recently. His aunt is his guardian is very protective, demanding, and critical of the district. She is requesting another ARDS to get him a private escort. Hx: sped in general classes, behavioral issues ( wants to act like a gang member, gets upset easily and walks off, etc. But he is normal in carrying a cellphone around and texting friends, does his homework, etc. ). He was hospitalized last month before he came to me for being suicidal after trying to stick himself at home with 3 insulin needles, and we were never told why. He can't be trusted to come to the clinic before breakfast and lunch daily consistently at the correct time. I have had to hunt him down in the cafeteria, in the hallway, etc. I have 5 other diabetics at this high school with approx 1800 students shared with the other RN. I know every child has to have equal access to an education and all that but how far can a parent demand the district hire a private escort for their student? He is in regular classes but doesn't really want an escort telling him where to go, while the aunt is demanding one. Have you ever experienced anything like this?
  8. Dimple58

    small win

    That's great! You always have an exceptional kid(s) that tries to do all the right things to make our life more manageable. And the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, the mother who takes charge as well. If only the rest could follow suit, lol.
  9. Dimple58

    How many?

    So, how many campuses are you responsible for? Is there more than one nurse at your school or do you have an aide in the office? One campus, High School 2 Nurses, no aide for 1800.
  10. Dimple58

    Questions from staff: week 2 version

    I think that is very rude and disrespectful. I would say, sign in or come back, please. Or would maybe follow up with an email either to specific people or if its a general problem to the whole staff in 2-3 sentences. I would set up the automatic blood pressure cuff for each staff to take their own b/p. A teacher self serves basket for otc stuff.
  11. Dimple58

    Freaking out

    Hi, I think when we accept a job, whether, in the hospital or school district, we definitely have to think about our license and workload. I would speak my concerns and make my decision on safety first.
  12. Dimple58

    40 Students per day... YIKES!!

    I have read so many good responses but wanted to add that I have worked elementary, middle school and high school. I saw the most in elementary and that's when I decided to go back to high school. In high school, it takes more time with practically adult size kids, but I see 15-25 daily. In middle school, I would see about 30-40. But,...wait for it, the elementary teachers and the kids drove it up to 60 a day! Yikes. They were cute, but many...whew. Throwing up, bumping heads while in line, accidents on themselves, #1 and #2, lol. I left after 13 months when I spotted a high school opening. I ran, not walked, lol.
  13. Wow, so sad to hear this for all involved. I have truly never heard of an asthma death after the person seeking help but anything is possible. I know most cases like this get nurse or medical consultation so our documentation is so vital to our assessments.
  14. Dimple58

    Narcan- Do you stock it?

    No, unfortunately, at my large high school here in Tx, we don't. We have the Epi-Pen and Stop-the-Bleed tourniquets. Since Narcan can't hurt someone who doesn't have opioids but can save lives for those that do, it's definitely worth the cost. The attending doctor who writes our standing orders is very conservative but out of beat with the times.
  15. Dimple58

    How do you prepare/package meds for coverage staff?

    Back about 4 years ago I worked for two small DAEP schools and the secretaries at each were already trained to give medications in the nurse's absence. I had a clear tote with a handle that was approx. 8 inches wide and about 14 inches tall and long. Inside was the folders and marked paper cups with medication bottles and clinic slips, first aide stuff, etc. When I returned to that school, I would go to the office and pick it up from her. She kept it locked in her office cabinet when I was not there.
  16. Dimple58

    Documenting in Skyward

    Yes, my school district uses skyward and have for many years. I saw this information on the web re: skyward compliance. "The relevant clause in FERPA permits school officials to access a student's personally identifiable information if they have a legitimate educational interest in that information. Since this clause is so broad and can be interpreted a number of different ways, districts are required to clarify both terms in an annual notification of FERPA rights to their students and families. As a starting point, any security configurations and account management strategies associated with your SIS should be role-based. This approach will limit the visibility of data to only what is essential for any individual to fulfill his or her responsibilities. Role-based security also cuts down on the amount of manual tinkering you'll need to do when new employees are added or someone moves to a new position/location within the district." Meaning the school district and its technology dept must limit what each staff member needs to see for their job.

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