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Dimple58 has 31 years experience and specializes in Ortho, Neuro, Trauma, Clinic, School.

I have 31 years as a nurse.

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  1. Dimple58

    Questions from staff: week 2 version

    I think that is very rude and disrespectful. I would say, sign in or come back, please. Or would maybe follow up with an email either to specific people or if its a general problem to the whole staff in 2-3 sentences. I would set up the automatic blood pressure cuff for each staff to take their own b/p. A teacher self serves basket for otc stuff.
  2. Dimple58

    Freaking out

    Hi, I think when we accept a job, whether, in the hospital or school district, we definitely have to think about our license and workload. I would speak my concerns and make my decision on safety first.
  3. Dimple58

    40 Students per day... YIKES!!

    I have read so many good responses but wanted to add that I have worked elementary, middle school and high school. I saw the most in elementary and that's when I decided to go back to high school. In high school, it takes more time with practically adult size kids, but I see 15-25 daily. In middle school, I would see about 30-40. But,...wait for it, the elementary teachers and the kids drove it up to 60 a day! Yikes. They were cute, but many...whew. Throwing up, bumping heads while in line, accidents on themselves, #1 and #2, lol. I left after 13 months when I spotted a high school opening. I ran, not walked, lol.
  4. Wow, so sad to hear this for all involved. I have truly never heard of an asthma death after the person seeking help but anything is possible. I know most cases like this get nurse or medical consultation so our documentation is so vital to our assessments.
  5. Dimple58

    Narcan- Do you stock it?

    No, unfortunately, at my large high school here in Tx, we don't. We have the Epi-Pen and Stop-the-Bleed tourniquets. Since Narcan can't hurt someone who doesn't have opioids but can save lives for those that do, it's definitely worth the cost. The attending doctor who writes our standing orders is very conservative but out of beat with the times.
  6. Dimple58

    How do you prepare/package meds for coverage staff?

    Back about 4 years ago I worked for two small DAEP schools and the secretaries at each were already trained to give medications in the nurse's absence. I had a clear tote with a handle that was approx. 8 inches wide and about 14 inches tall and long. Inside was the folders and marked paper cups with medication bottles and clinic slips, first aide stuff, etc. When I returned to that school, I would go to the office and pick it up from her. She kept it locked in her office cabinet when I was not there.
  7. Dimple58

    Documenting in Skyward

    Yes, my school district uses skyward and have for many years. I saw this information on the web re: skyward compliance. "The relevant clause in FERPA permits school officials to access a student's personally identifiable information if they have a legitimate educational interest in that information. Since this clause is so broad and can be interpreted a number of different ways, districts are required to clarify both terms in an annual notification of FERPA rights to their students and families. As a starting point, any security configurations and account management strategies associated with your SIS should be role-based. This approach will limit the visibility of data to only what is essential for any individual to fulfill his or her responsibilities. Role-based security also cuts down on the amount of manual tinkering you'll need to do when new employees are added or someone moves to a new position/location within the district." Meaning the school district and its technology dept must limit what each staff member needs to see for their job.
  8. Dimple58

    When Should I Retire? My Struggle

    I haven't been on this website since I lost my husband Jan '18. But I too have been thinking about retirement and I'm only 61, 62 in April. The sudden loss of my husband weakened me a little in my love of working and my striving for my future enjoyment. Nevertheless, I still have the divided and reluctant gaze at getting older. My past drive to store up a golden nest egg went out the window with surviving on one income and with 2 college sons still at home trying to find their niche. I agree that your job gives you a certain identity esp if you lost part of a big one, the wife. But, I do realize many didn't get this far and some won't. So as in my own journey I would say, we take each day at a time since tomorrow is not promised. Enjoy and live while you are able-bodied. We as a country don't like talking about the circle of life. I'm not talking about Lion King, either, lol. We all have our own circles of life that we can and have to make the best of. I want to wait until 66, which I hear, is good enough if you don't wait until 70. Mine may be a little complicated since I have 14 yrs in the Teacher's Retirement System and 23 yrs in SS and I am currently still in the school system and they say you can't get both, but a reduced blending. We shall see.
  9. Dimple58

    Nurse and an Aide for Camp

    Has anyone ever worked with an Aide at a Camp before? Would this be enough for 112 plus 30 staff? This would my first time and I am not sure how experienced the aide is. Has anyone heard of T M Bar?
  10. Dimple58

    4 days- The countdown has started!

    46 days to go after Spring (Easter) Break! Whoo Hoo! Yes, I want to relax and catch my breath before Summer hits! Start a garden, hopefully have a great mini session summer camp job, finish 1-2 DIY projects and of course, c-o-l-o-r EasterEggs! Lol I can start to smell the outdoor flowers, Ahhhhh.
  11. What the world! Too much Gas!
  12. Dimple58

    Camp Nurse Salary

    How many campers and staff do you get? Do you get time off?
  13. The Flowers are patients that we have cared for, see them?
  14. Dimple58

    New school nurse! Help!

    You probably could use a Emergency Guidelines Manual that we use. It is A-Z so everyone is on the same page with about 40 pages that have diagrams of what to do if the answer is yes or no. Frequent complaint is headache. Temp check, ask if they ate food or had water. Maybe rest 15 min. Second frequent complaint is stomach or throwing up. Middle kids can lie, so I ask who saw them throw up. Did you eat spicy chips? No fever, back to class. Third is a mixture of adolescent silly stuff like, putting on tight knuckle rings, girl cramps, cutters, peer pressure issues (get counselor involved). Fourth is some legitimate stuff like asthma, adhd, seizures, diabetes, bathroom issues.
  15. Dimple58

    Who uses the restroom in your office?

    Oooowee, I used to have that problem at two other previous schools. The last one elementary, the main office used mine and would grab paper towels to handle my door knobs as if my entire room was infected. And then the elementary special needs lost their room to a portable outside room with no restroom and they lined up for mine including big kids BM accidents, ouch! Then the school before that the front secretary came in unannounced at a middle school small DAEP school. She was a Mrs. Grabbit, nosey as she walked in and out. Now I have an outside restroom that I don't have to oversee. Yeah!
  16. Dimple58

    How do you tell your MS/HS kids it's only a cold?

    Hey, that's why they call it the Common Cold, it's common. Now get some water and tissue and stay in class!