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bsprinkle15 is a BSN, RN and specializes in Dermatology/Cosmetics.

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  1. Online Nurse Practitioner Program

    @sleepwalker @Numenor @amoLucia WOW!. Thanks for all the input, Karens. If you didn’t have anything beneficial to say you could have just not commented. Or better yet you could have suggested a program instead of being so demeaning.
  2. Online Nurse Practitioner Program

    @203bravo what school is that tuition information from please?
  3. Online Nurse Practitioner Program

    What program are these fees from? Thank you!
  4. Online Nurse Practitioner Program

    Hello all! I'm looking for some input on online NP (MSN) programs. What programs do you recommend or not recommend? Pros/cons? Do all of them cost roughly $800 a credit hour? Thanks for your input!
  5. Varicella titer

    Thank you for your reply. I've already submitted an appeal to the Dean of our program. I also had my pharmacist write a letter as to why I cannot currently have the Varicella vaccine and when I can get the first and second dose. I'm still thinking ab...
  6. Varicella titer

    I'm hoping to get some insight on the Varicella titer, I am starting a BSN program in August. I had my Varicella titer and it came back equivocal but the ranges are different than I've seen on other postings. I've seen a lot of ranges from 0.9-1.11. ...
  7. Just got accepted into an accelerated BSN program and won't be able to work at all. Looking for the best places to find grants/scholarships. Thanks in advance.
  8. Mom guilt

    I was just accepted into a highly competitive accelerated BSN program. I really thought I wouldn't get in and now I'm finding that I'm not as excited as I thought I would be. I have a 15 month old that I stay home with much of the week, I'm currently...
  9. LPN-BSN Online- Arkansas

    Is the Excelsior program accepted everywhere? I couldn't find any information on their site.
  10. LPN-BSN Online- Arkansas

    I am tying to find an LPN-BNS online program either in Arkansas or one that is accepted in Arkansas. The only program I've really found is the one in Indiana however Arkansas does not accept that program.
  11. Online Biochemistry

    I'm looking for an accredited online biochemistry course, I only need the lecture credits and do not need the lab. Thanks for any advice/leads.
  12. Online School Program Search

    Hello, I currently have a Bachelor's degree in Biology and am trying to find an online program in which I can obtain a BSN without already being an RN. I have yet to find an online program that allows you to do clinicals in a local area (I am loc...