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I'm hoping to get some insight on the Varicella titer, I am starting a BSN program in August. I had my Varicella titer and it came back equivocal but the ranges are different than I've seen on other postings. I've seen a lot of ranges from 0.9-1.11. Mine is scaled from 135-165, 165 and above is said to be a postive titer, my results were a 160.7. And the equivocal range is huge 135-164.99. I'm wondering if I should retest the titer at another lab. Am I asking for the wrong titer? I ordered it from and had the test done at Quest Diagnostics, the results show Zoster virus antibody (IGG). I'm kind of in a predicament, I already have proof of 2 MMR vaccines but my last one was in 1999, so instead of getting the expensive MMR titer I had a booster MMR. I wasn't aware that if you don't get both the Varicella and MMR live vaccines at the same time that you then have to wait 1 month before receiving the other live vaccine. Since my Varicella titer came back equivocal I now have to get 2 Varicella vaccines and I'm unable to get the first for 4 weeks now because of the MMR vaccine. I'm supposed to have both Varicella vaccines or a positive titer before August 1st.

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I would retest the titer to be sure of the accuracy. In the mean time you need to talk with nursing department staff at your school and find out what their policy is in these situations. It is possible that as long as you are in the process of getting your boosters they will allow you to start the program. Most clinicals do not start for several weeks or months depending on the school in question. My guess is that you will need the boosters and since it is only a month until August 1st you will need to consult with your school.

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Thank you for your reply. I've already submitted an appeal to the Dean of our program. I also had my pharmacist write a letter as to why I cannot currently have the Varicella vaccine and when I can get the first and second dose. I'm still thinking about repeating my titer since I was so close to having the positive antibody.

I would definitely get the varicella titer again. It is not uncommon to have an equivocal result and it can come back positive the second time even if it wasn't the first time. Also, the varicella vaccine is safe but, as a live vaccine, does always carry some mild risks of complications. It sounds like time is of the essence, though. I've had a good experience with this varicella titer website:

Varicella Titer Near You - Chicken Pox Titer Blood Test | Accesa Labs ®

They say it takes longer to get the varicella test results but the turnaround time was 2 days. Good luck with getting it all squared away!

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