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    OhioHealth Intermediate Care Fellowship

    Is anyone else interviewing for the intermediate care fellowship at OhioHealth? Or any of their fellowships? Just curious to hear from other individuals; I can't find anyone else's experiences with it online :)
  2. mindofmidwifery

    OhioHealth Intermediate Care Fellowship

    Good luck! I'll be surprised if you don't get in! We really need people lol
  3. mindofmidwifery

    OhioHealth Intermediate Care Fellowship

    It could be different this time around. I think my interview was on a Friday and the hiring manager was going on a trip that weekend for a week so she wanted to get all the job offers out.
  4. mindofmidwifery

    Everyone is white?

    What discrimination are you facing? Yes, I have been the only minority in a workplace and no, I never felt discriminated against or treated differently because of my race.
  5. mindofmidwifery

    Can’t pass the NCLEX

    Try UWorld. That's the only resource I used to pass in 75q.
  6. mindofmidwifery

    Progressive Care Nursing - Interview with Linda Bay

    This is probably a dumb question but how does PCU and intermediate care differ from stepdown? And are PCU patients really in CDU areas? I thought the CDU was for more stable patients.
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    Got Bunions. Need Shoes.

    Birkenstocks or a good pair of New Balance (try them on in store). Currently, Birkenstocks are the best for me for a 12 hour shift.
  8. mindofmidwifery

    Shut off at 75? You mostly likely passed!

    This is true!!! I passed in 75 questions and I figured I couldn't have done THAT BAD to have failed in 75.
  9. mindofmidwifery

    UWorld Practice Assessments - when should I take them?

    I took my first one a couple weeks after subscribing to UWorld, however, I was still in my final semester. I would recommend taking the first one now and the second one a week before your NCLEX.
  10. mindofmidwifery

    NCLEX-RN June 2019

    I took the NCLEX today and I'm so anxious!!!! I finished in 75 questions and did the PVT and got the good pop-up. I felt really good when I left but now that I'm dwelling on it I'm so scared of the possibility of failure lol. Has anyone else taken the NCLEX recently?
  11. mindofmidwifery

    NCLEX-RN June 2019

    Can you call Pearson Vue or BON and see what they say???
  12. mindofmidwifery

    NCLEX/HESI highly overrated

    THis is exactly how I felt about the NCLEX! The worst part was waiting for my results.
  13. mindofmidwifery

    NCLEX-RN June 2019

    I just got my quick results and I passed!!! Lol I couldn't find the results right away and I was shaking so bad omg
  14. mindofmidwifery

    NCLEX-RN June 2019

    I actually did the PVT again this morning and got hit with the "hold" message. I'm probably 500% more anxious now! Still hoping I'll get an answer tomorrow but I'm not betting on it now
  15. mindofmidwifery


    I haven't heard anything extra special about OSU's RN-BSN program. Every RN-BSN program appears to consist of the same content: discussion boards, papers. I think people choose OSU's program primarily for the name.
  16. mindofmidwifery

    New grad in need of NCLEX studying advice

    I did 2 sets of 75 questions almost daily for at least 2 months.
  17. mindofmidwifery

    NCLEX-RN June 2019

    I did. Did you check your spam? Idk if that would affect anything because it just says you finished the test and gives you a link to FAQs
  18. mindofmidwifery

    NCLEX-RN June 2019

    I felt like I was guessing on at least half of them but I also felt like I was just doing a UWorld test! lol. I am praying results are up Monday, I can't focus on anything. Good luck to you
  19. mindofmidwifery

    Who designs the layouts of these hospitals anyway??!!

    I was told that a unit at my facility was designed by the wife of the man who sponsored it.
  20. mindofmidwifery

    Is anyone else afraid of becoming a nurse?

    It's just scary thinking about how much responsibility I will gain Besides that, I believe the time and effort will be worth it.
  21. mindofmidwifery

    Telemetry or Oncology Unit

    It depends on where you'd want to work as a nurse... you're not gonna get any nursing school skills practice done as a PCT unless you count bed baths and assisting with ADLs as nursing school skills. Also, if phlebotomy is required by a hospital, they'd provide the training. Same with getting monitor tech training.
  22. mindofmidwifery

    Comlumbus State Nursing Program with a Bachelor's??

    Yes, you would still be required to take all the nursing courses in the specified order. They do not allow you to take them out of sequence.
  23. mindofmidwifery

    Job Offer During Capstone

    I would say that I would absolutely love to work on their unit (express your enthusiasm) however, due to financial reasons you need to obtain a full time position once you graduate. It is a valid reason that won't cause any burned bridges. Ask if you can follow-up closer to graduation to find out if they have a full-time position open then.
  24. mindofmidwifery

    Columbus State Community College vs Sinclair Community College

    I go to CSCC and yes, it is extremely easy to transfer from CSCC to OSU due to the transfer agreement between the two. Unfortunately, the only CSCC campus that offers nursing is the Columbus campus.
  25. mindofmidwifery

    Preparing for nursing school

    I would get a job utilizing your CNA license, make sure you get all your vaccinations, make sure you know basic anatomy and physiology, and make sure you know how you're going to pay for school.

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