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    Columbus State Community College vs Sinclair Community College

    I go to CSCC and yes, it is extremely easy to transfer from CSCC to OSU due to the transfer agreement between the two. Unfortunately, the only CSCC campus that offers nursing is the Columbus campus.
  2. mindofmidwifery

    Preparing for nursing school

    I would get a job utilizing your CNA license, make sure you get all your vaccinations, make sure you know basic anatomy and physiology, and make sure you know how you're going to pay for school.
  3. mindofmidwifery

    Working: Which job would be best suitable?

    I would love what you have now. I work in the float pool now and yes I make my own hours but I hate working in the float pool. It would be amazing to have a home unit in the ICU, imo. In my float pool position, I am primarily a sitter with suicidal and confused patients. When I am assigned to be a PCA, I am usually given the worst patient loads (which can be pretty bad working on a med-surg unit). I've even been assigned once to be the only PCA on a 30 bed unit. Additionally, it can feel isolating working and not having any familiar coworkers. I work every weekend anyways because of school so yeah, I'd keep the ICU position.
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    OhioHealth Intermediate Care Fellowship

    Is anyone else interviewing for the intermediate care fellowship at OhioHealth? Or any of their fellowships? Just curious to hear from other individuals; I can't find anyone else's experiences with it online :)
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    OhioHealth Intermediate Care Fellowship

    It went well! It was a panel interview with 3 different nurse managers from different units at Riverside and Grant. They asked me the normal behavioral questions. I got a spot in the program! They contacted everyone who interviewed that day the same day.
  6. One shift a week? Is this going to be a second job? I work 40+ hours a week and am in my last semester.
  7. mindofmidwifery

    Maternity Clinical Advice

    My maternity rotation was only a few weeks and these are the things I saw/did: -observed a c-section -observed a vaginal delivery -did a couple mother and baby assessments on the postpartum unit -Held and fed babies in the nursery
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    OhioHealth Intermediate Care Fellowship

    I also thought maybe it might be a group interview but I heard it was a panel interview. Either way, it's nerve wracking I've been reading and watching videos on how to answer new grad interview questions
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    OhioHealth Intermediate Care Fellowship

    I spoke with a nurse I work with who went through the critical care fellowship years ago but, sadly, she forgot about how most of the process went :( I have an interview for the intermediate fellowship as well as for the Med-Surg fellowship but at this point I'm betting on the intermediate one.
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    Mother Baby Unit

    When I worked in Mother Baby as a tech, my main duties were catering to Mom and getting vital signs. Catering duties include: making sure she is comfortable, making sure she isn't hungry, making sure she is not sleeping with the baby, answering any questions she might have, amongst more. A lot of the time I helped moms up to the bathroom the first time they went to the bathroom. We got to remove foleys on my unit as well as draw blood and do blood sugars on both Mom and Baby. If Baby was crying a lot and I could tell the parents were exasperated, I would either offer to take Baby to the nursery or help with Kangaroo Care. I also helped parents with bottle feeding their baby. Moms who had c sections needed their Peri pads monitored for bleeding as well as post c section vitals. I wasn't in the nursery very often but when I was I'd bottle feed babies, hold and rock some of them who were crying, give baths, draw blood, and change diapers. It's been a couple years since I had that position but I guess the best tip I can give you is to show your enthusiasm. The Mother Baby infant in my experience is very different from any other unit in that situations are usually happy. Being enthusiastic, and showing your kindness and patience will help in your interview. Good luck!
  11. mindofmidwifery

    Who got in to the nursing program with a lot of C's?

    I got into my community college program with mostly B's and C's. Obviously it depends on program requirements though.
  12. mindofmidwifery

    eBook vs Physical Book

    We use ebooks but we have access to all of them throughout the program. I actually prefer the ebooks and have not felt the need to purchase physical copies, especially since there are so many online resources included in our packages.
  13. mindofmidwifery

    End of semester! How did everyone do?

    I had psych nursing the first 8 weeks, peds/med-surg II the second 8 weeks, and pharm III 16 weeks. This semester was ROUGH but I managed to get B's in everything. Break is definitely a culture shock
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    Failed Nursing 1 by less than a percent looking for advice

    Does your school use ATI or Elsevier? We use Elsevier - all online ebooks - and our book package comes with a lot of resources like EAQs, case studies, etc. Do those if applicable. Also, read every assigned reading. First semester is more knowledge based/foundations versus later courses that will be more conceptual so I found that reading everything helped a lot. Take notes during lecture, lab and seminar. Find a good group or even just one other person to study with. But I can not stress PRACTICE QUESTIONS enough. They help a ton with getting used to nursing exams, especially HESI exams. Finally, Khan Academy has good physio videos to help understand disease processes better. Just practice, practice, practice. You'll get it next time!
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    One more semester!!!

    That's awesome!!! What they say is true - it'll fly by before you know it :)
  16. mindofmidwifery

    One more semester!!!

    I needed a 62/75 on my final to pass, woke up to a 70/75 😊 one more semester FINALLY. I'm so pumped and ready to be an RN. I plan on buying U World next month to use over the course of my last few months in nursing school.
  17. mindofmidwifery

    What does your school use for documentation?

    We use the clinical site EHR for normal patient/patient care/med admin documentation i.e., assessments, hourly rounding, vitals, Braden/Morse assessments, line/drain/tube documentation etc. Aside from that, we have clinical paperwork due weekly that includes a care plan, head to toe assessment, and med sheet.
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    They may have changed it then but when I applied in 2016, it was first come first serve.
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    When I worked on a postpartum unit, the nurses usually specified whether they wanted to be there when the patient got up for the first time, or whether it was okay for me (a PCA) to do it alone. I've gotten many postpartum patients up myself with no issue. As long as mom gets up slowly and sits on the side of the bed before getting up, she should be okay. It is also up to the nurse about whether abnormal vital signs will be rechecked by them or a PCA. Most nurses just ask me to recheck in 15 minutes unless the patient is critical.
  20. mindofmidwifery

    Is LVN not enough for you!

    I'm sorry but I don't know any RNs that drive a 2019 Mercedes-Benz or have a million dollars... Also, LPNs have probably just as much responsibility as RNs, just different roles.
  21. mindofmidwifery

    Take Patho or Pharm first??

    Maybe patho first so that you understand disease processes before learning how to treat the diseases? I don't think it truly matters which one you take first though.
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    Shoes for nursing students

    Sketcher Gos are comfy if they're an acceptable shoe for your program!
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    ICU or ER?

    You just started your pre-reqs. I would just browse the ER and ICU nursing categories here, but I wouldn't be concerned about which specialty you'd rather be in especially since those are 2 of the hardest to get into as a new grad.
  24. mindofmidwifery

    Why Is She Having Hallucinations? The Mystery of The Dog in A Fedora

    Bipolar I disorder? Manic/depressive episodes along with sleep disturbances causing hallucinations
  25. I failed med-surg the first time and barely passed the second time due to mental health issues. I am now in psych and pharm III and am doing better than I have been. My advice is go to class, don't burn yourself out between work/school/personal life, seek help if necessary. Retaking med-surg was hard on my self esteem and confidence. Talking to one of my instructors and making sure I had a back up plan if I failed again also helped.