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  1. Western Governors WGU Pre-Licensure California 2017

    One last question sorry for the bombardment, did it take you more than one attempt to get into the clinical portion? I saw in the acceptance letter it says enrollment in pre nursing curriculum doesn't guarantee admission into the clinicals.
  2. Western Governors WGU Pre-Licensure California 2017

    That provided waves of relief! Thank you! Do most of the nurses let you do hands on work right away? Or does it vary ? One last question.... how do you manage your studies? Do you break it down throughout the day or do you block off a period during...
  3. Rio Hondo Spring 2018

    Not sure. I was told we would find out the first week of October but I'm hearing others says second week. I got accepted into WGU first try!!! So I may not move forward with Rio after all.
  4. Western Governors WGU Pre-Licensure California 2017

    Southern. I'm in West Covina and was told clinicals will most likely be at Huntington Memorial. How about you? Im nervous, I've taken online classes before and I've done well in them but the clinical part worries me a bit. I was good in my VN program...
  5. Western Governors WGU Pre-Licensure California 2017

    Yesssss!!! I got accepted for the November 1st program. Cali here! Happy to find someone else in the same program!
  6. Rio Hondo Spring 2018

    You guys!!! We find out soon!!!! I'm excited and nervous. I'm not sure which emotion is stronger. Haha. Good luck to all of us.
  7. Rio Hondo Spring 2018

    That is SO informative! Thank you for getting back to me. I appreciate it. Wooooo. Now I feel good then if that many people are working FT then hopefully I can be one that does too.
  8. Rio Hondo College Spring 2018 Good luck!!!
  9. Rio Hondo College Spring 2018

    Hey sorry to hear that. Yes I called ATI again today and the representative explained to me that anyone with a Rio Hondo faculty email can access the transcripts it's just a matter of navigating through it. I emailed the dean Catherine Page and inf...
  10. Rio Hondo Spring 2018

    Hey you guys! So I'm getting all my paperwork ready for the bridge application, making sure I am not missing anything and I wanted to share my experience with ATI/ Rio Hondo. I took my TEAS test at another school and ordered the transcripts to be se...
  11. Rio Hondo Spring 2018

    spring*** lol can't type well with these nails. Thank you juliocesarsalad, I hope you're right I get anxious thinking of how many other applicants have the same if not better scores.
  12. Rio Hondo Spring 2018

    Hiiiiii! My name is Joanna, I'll be applying for Sprinf 2018 as well. Teas I got an 87 Science GPA 3.67 overall GPA is 3 point something I don't remember. I have an AS in a totally irrelevant field but tons of nursing experience that I'm hoping pol...
  13. Rio Hondo College Spring 2018

    Howdy!!!! Anyone else out there that is applying this Fall for admission into Spring 2018???? I also applied at WGU. Best of luck!
  14. Wgu prelicensure August 2017 California cohort

    Has anyone else applied to the prelicensure program that starts in November? I submitted my application, so I'm anxiously waiting to hearback.
  15. Night shift schedule?

    Breakfast around 1700 lunch around 2300 and dinner around 8-9AM I have a premier shake for either lunch or dinner. It's the healthiest alternative for me. The snacking and the potlucks is what's going to get you. Lololol