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Rio Hondo College Spring 2018

Has 2 years experience.


Anyone else out there that is applying this Fall for admission into Spring 2018????

I also applied at WGU.

Best of luck!

There is another spring 2018 thread for Rio Hondo.

Hello joannavn, LVN so after reading about what happened to you I decided to call them and the same thing happened to me i called rio hondo adn program and apparently they had not received it and told me to call and double make sure with ATI and i called ATI and they said rio hondo should have my scores but apparently the recipient name of the person who needs to receive them has not been updated and I left a voicemail as well. Have you heard any news?


Has 2 years experience.

Hey sorry to hear that.

Yes I called ATI again today and the representative explained to me that anyone with a Rio Hondo faculty email can access the transcripts it's just a matter of navigating through it. I emailed the dean Catherine Page and informed her of the situation and relayed the information ATI gave me where they requested someone from Rio to call them so they can be walked through retrieving the transcripts.

I also called Carissa, a Rio Hondo employee in charge of the Teas testing, she was able to locate my transcripts. So they now have it on file :)

Try giving her a call and email the dean.

joannavn,LVN i am so glad to hear that they were able to find your transcripts. Could you please provide me with the Deans email? I cant seem to find it. Thanks in advance :)


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