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  1. RPN programs

    Currently, I haven't applied to RPN programs. I am currently waiting on nipissing and ryerson for RN programs for fall. If I get rejected (I'll hear from them soon) then I will apply for RPN and then go the RN route. I don't think I will be applying ...
  2. Technology in Nursing

    I don't think we will come to a point where we don't need RNs and RPNs at all. So, that video was a bit of a stretch
  3. RPN programs

    @philvane I am sure you will hear something soon. How was the pre-admission testing at Mohawk? I understand the "last ditch effort" comment. It is absolutely insanely ridiculously competitive to get admission at nursing school in Toronto. I have been...
  4. Issues facing healthcare

    This is not for paper. It is a valid question. If i wanted to write a paper, I would have looked into journal articles. This question is merely for discussion.
  5. Nursing Graduates

    I want to start off by saying that I thank you for your input. However, I am not looking to write an "essay" or impress the nursing school. I do my own research and dont ask for help unnecessarily. The site requires you to make topics in order to sen...
  6. Infection control practitioner

    yikes!! thanks for the input
  7. Technology in Nursing

    I am a first year nursing student and I have wondered about our current changes in healthcare with technology. My idea of nursing is taking manual vital signs, recording everything with pen and paper but, nowadays in hospitals you have electronic med...
  8. UofT Nurse practitioner program

    This page is a discussion about UofT NP program. What are some of the pros and cons about the program? I do not know anyone who graduated from this program so, I am relying on this forum for any input. Also, does UofT place any emphasis on where you ...
  9. Infection control practitioner

    My long term goal is to work in public health or hospital infection control preventiontion department. What is the day like as an infection control practitioner? What are your roles and duties and what are some of the challenges you face? Do you prim...
  10. How do you manage stress at work

    Just like the topic states, how do you manage stress at work? What are your relaxation techniques? Do you share your work conflicts, issues with your collegues or nurse managers? share your thoughts
  11. Most challenging nursing department

    In your opinion and experience, which nursing department has been the most stressful and challenging? Oncology? OR? CCU? Share your thoughts.
  12. RPN programs

    Had anyone applied to RPN programs in ontario for january 2015 intake? If so, where have you applied? I am planning to apply to centennial.
  13. How long is the CRNE exam

    How long is the current CRNE exam and how many questions are in it? Is the upcoming change to NCLEX-RN to canada in 2015 going to be similar to CRNE in format and content? Any input is appreciated.
  14. Nursing school interview

    I have an interview coming up for a nursing school. Any tips on what type of questions may be asked? Also, does anyone know what is a narrative inquiry research method?
  15. Nursing Graduates

    Hello everyone, I have recently applied to a nursing program. My question is, do you find that the nursing school has prepared you well for CRNE exams? Or, did you have to do CRNE prep courses, Mosby courses? Also, please indicate which school you at...