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My long term goal is to work in public health or hospital infection control preventiontion department. What is the day like as an infection control practitioner? What are your roles and duties and what are some of the challenges you face? Do you primarily work by yourself on with Principle investigators, epidemiologists, MDs etc?

Any input in appreciated


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Infection Control nurses in my hospital exist to create posters and chase staff around reminding them to wash their hands. They lurk in hallways clutching IPads to record how many staff members are cleaning their hands as they walk out of rooms. When you ask them to come to your unit to deal with families who are breaking isolation rules, they won't come but offer to send you a poster.

Not our favourite breed of nurse


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yikes!! thanks for the input


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Hi Rose - I am also interested in working as an Infection Preventionist and to receive a degree in epidemiology and biostatistics. I feel like Infection Prevention may be a good move for me! I am wondering how closely the Infection Preventionist in a hospital setting works with the CDC and/or the WHO. I certainly do not want to simply create posters and chase around co-workers. LOL! But I do find that I prefer to dive in to an analytical role. I wonder how much of the role of Infection Prevention in the hospital setting is analytical.

Would love to hear from more IC nurses on this topic!

Sincerely, Anne Marie