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  1. chocolatier09


    I graduated in the Philippines 2014, I do have an active LVN license in california since 2016. Currently license as an RN in Nevada. I wanted to do license by endorsement, would they still require me to take certain classes?
  2. chocolatier09

    FL remedial course online

    I have taken nclex rn 3x and fl bon needs me to take the remedial course again, unfortunately im residing in california is there any way i can take it while im here? i need help .thank you
  3. chocolatier09

    LPN by endorsement

    Good day, Im endorsing my license to CA .My original state was Florida. I was approved and now I pay online for my initial license so that i can get my license here in CA.how long would that take to receive your license? I know its hard to reach CABON due to high call volume.I just want to get started to work as a nurse already. Thanks
  4. chocolatier09

    NCLEX RN exam score result

    [COLOR=#000000]thanks.ill wait for the official result to come to mail *fingers crossed* hoping for the best :) maybe there could be rare circumstances that happened . it might changed :)[/COLOR]
  5. chocolatier09

    NCLEX RN exam score result

    thanks tho .but still hoping for the best .ill wait for the official result to come to mail *fingers crossed*
  6. chocolatier09

    NCLEX RN exam score result

    Hi !im taking nclex rn examination .im just wondering if there Is a possibility that the test score might change? for example your BON has online exam look up the result is on and in the pearson vue your score is still not available.is there a chance it could change? just hoping for the best .I also have read that For quality control purposes, every NCLEX is scored twice; once by the computer at the test center and then after the exam record has been transmitted to Pearson VUE.
  7. chocolatier09

    nevada NCLEX RN

    i am a fresh graduate of BSN last april 2014 in Philippines greencard holder and havent take local license in ph since i wont be working there.i am applying to nevada for my nclex rn .my question is im confused with english proficiency test because our school uses english ofcourse as our main language .and some state doesnt require it .do we have to take it ?or nevada could waived it..in my ces report language proficiency is not applicable