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    why is an RN considered as an expense instead of an asset?

    RN-Expense vs. asset I often refer to staffing, pay and budgeting rationales as "Dollar Store. Nursing" everyone wants to get necessities for cheap. Let's not forget, health care facilities are businesses and their goal is to stay in business.
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    Nursing Apps you can't live without!

    Love the Resuscitation game!
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    Walden University

    Physicians have residency programs to continue honing their education following their clinical rotations. As a current NP student, I plan on entering an NP residency program to do the same. NP residency programs aren't required and there are only a few programs. I just want more experience. I know I have my patients' lives in my hands. I want to be prepared. Should the seriousness with which I take my education, be dismissed when I plan on getting the clinical and residency experience I need and want? The professors I take classes from have the degrees to back up the courses they present. I chose Walden because it works with my schedule. I am happy with the education. Even if I went to a different school, I am still responsible for learning the material. No one is spoon feeding me.