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  1. Chief.Diego.Diaz

    Navy NCP FY2017

    Hello! Yes I noticed there are not many postings at all, how is your application process going?
  2. Chief.Diego.Diaz

    CRNA and Military Service

    No, what I'm referring to is that civilian CRNAs tend to not look into Military CRNA positions favorably.. and I was asking those who think that.. what there reasons are!
  3. Chief.Diego.Diaz

    How on earth do you pay for NYU's ABSN program?

    NYU is quite expensive, usually for Medical school they pay about $81k a year... you are not too far off!
  4. Chief.Diego.Diaz

    Can I get into the Army Nurse Anesthesia with an MS-RN?

    Hi sorry, I'm not Army.. but in the NAVY to be considered for a CRNA position, you must have been awarded a master's degree from a graduate educational program approved by the council on accreditation of nurse educational programs/schools and must have passed the certification examinations from a professional specialty organization.
  5. Chief.Diego.Diaz

    Navy Nurse Candidate Program

    NCP is a very competitive program, usually it opens and closes very fast... for those of you graduating in 2017/2018 you should start asking your local recruiters at the earliest convenience in spring 2015
  6. Chief.Diego.Diaz

    BSN New Grad and No Jobs

    I know a lot of people never think about that option, so I'm not surprise on your reaction;)! However, believe it or not there are jobs out there for RNs who want to explore a career in The Navy. The Nurse Corps in the Navy is a lot more competitive than the civilian sector though! But usually new grads get the chance to join right after school with no experience required, instead your performance in school (GPA) comes more into play.
  7. Chief.Diego.Diaz

    New nurse with no experience.

    Have you ever considered applying with the Military? Just a thought!
  8. Chief.Diego.Diaz

    Questions about joining the NCP through the navy..

    HI, were you able to join the Navy???
  9. Chief.Diego.Diaz

    NYU Spring 2015 ABSN

    for all the Nurses in this thread, Have you ever considered looking into the Navy as a part time or full time job??
  10. Chief.Diego.Diaz

    NYU Spring 2015 ABSN

    Any plans after graduating with your CRNA?
  11. Chief.Diego.Diaz

    BSN New Grad and No Jobs

    Have you ever thought about joining the NAVY as a commissioned officer in the Nurse Corps?
  12. Chief.Diego.Diaz

    Air Force Nursing - Used to be on antidepressants

    Hi LoLo 16, I'm sorry no Air Force Recruiters are here to answer your question. But I can give you a few recommendations. First of all, yes, certain medical questions can automatically disqualify you and that depends on the Doctor's diagnosis of the problem, the medicine prescribed and how long has it been since the last time you took those drugs. I get Navy applicants with issues like yours all the time, it is more of a case by case basis. Usually, a letter from your doctor stating what you were treated for and a recent follow up stating that you have been good to go and no medication has been needed for the past 2+ years... you should have no problems after that. Hope it helps Diego
  13. Chief.Diego.Diaz

    CRNA and Military Service

    I would like to ask some of the CRNAs that frequent this website as to their opinion and perception of Military service. It seems that for some reason the military as a whole is perceived by some CRNAs as less than desirable. please feel free to bring up any info you would like to share or any issues you may want to Gripe about.
  14. Chief.Diego.Diaz

    Navy ncp taking applications now!

    to RAIDER 3/1: You are correct, for NCP students, lets not get confused, you can start your application 2 to 2.5 years before graduating, because technically if accepted you would be in the Navy while attending school. But for ACTIVE or RESERVE, you can start the application at any time..BUT... it can't be submitted until october first, once it is submitted selection process happens, it you get picked up your good to go and if not, resubmit next october first! HOPE IT HELPS
  15. Chief.Diego.Diaz

    Navy ncp taking applications now!

    Rayjordan, that explains the reason why your recruiter said that to you. Your application should be submitted here shortly and looked at sometime in October, word of caution, ACTIVE DUTY nurse is very hard to get into and it is very competitive. I suggest, if you dont get picked up, continue your education, get a masters degree and concentrate on midwife or anesthesia. that's almost a guaranteed in!