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  1. Walkingbad

    Nursing Licensure while in school.

    I just had a quick question concerning nursing licensure while in CRNA school and seeing if anyone else was in them same position. I currently have a compact North Carolina nursing license that I have been using for school in Kentucky. I still hold my North Carolina driver license, however, I do not live in North Carolina anymore due to school, but I may go back to NC once I complete my program. My NC nursing license expires in 3 months. I was just seeing if I would be able to renew my NC nursing license while temporarily living in Kentucky or would I need to apply for an Kentucky compact nursing license. Thanks!
  2. Walkingbad

    Lincoln Memorial University CRNA 2019

    What are the downsides? When I had my interview the seniors had pretty much all had good things to say. Can see living in harrogate could be a factor as well as finding housing for clinicals.
  3. Walkingbad

    Lincoln Memorial University CRNA 2019

    I saw you applied last year. Did you get into LMUs program?

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