Nursing Licensure while in school.


I just had a quick question concerning nursing licensure while in CRNA school and seeing if anyone else was in them same position.

I currently have a compact North Carolina nursing license that I have been using for school in Kentucky.

I still hold my North Carolina driver license, however, I do not live in North Carolina anymore due to school, but I may go back to NC once I complete my program. My NC nursing license expires in 3 months.

I was just seeing if I would be able to renew my NC nursing license while temporarily living in Kentucky or would I need to apply for an Kentucky compact nursing license.


I'm not in those particular states, but I had moved from MD to VA (both compact) and had a similar situation. It's my understanding that if you have an NC address, you can keep your NC license. If not, you will probably be asked to switched to Kentucky and then back to NC 😕 unless it has changed from a few years ago. But this is essentially what happened to me when I moved from MD to VA back to MD.

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The rule deals with "primary domicile." It is confusing. If you are wanting to keep your NC license and plan on moving back there then you would need to have a mailing address and DL from NC. You could use a family member's address I guess. I went ahead and moved all of my stuff to the state my school is in because it had me worried about getting caught in a bad situation. From the way I understand it, you want your DL and your nursing license in the same state and where you have a "permanent" residence. I am no expert though.