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Defibn' has 6 years experience as a RN, EMT-P and specializes in SRNA.

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  1. Defibn'

    Poss of Marijuana on background check?

    Yeah, you need to be honest about it. Tell them now. Of course it is dishonest behavior not to mention it even though it has been "sealed." Just assume they'll know anyways. Might as well get out in front of it. It's not like you were doing heroin. However, it was illegal and shows "poor decision making." Just tell them how you have grown, how you have changed yada yada.
  2. Defibn'

    Nursing Licensure while in school.

    The rule deals with "primary domicile." It is confusing. If you are wanting to keep your NC license and plan on moving back there then you would need to have a mailing address and DL from NC. You could use a family member's address I guess. I went ahead and moved all of my stuff to the state my school is in because it had me worried about getting caught in a bad situation. From the way I understand it, you want your DL and your nursing license in the same state and where you have a "permanent" residence. I am no expert though.
  3. Defibn'

    Wanting to return to CRNA school

    A lot of SRNAs come from night shift. It can be hard to get on day shift as a new nurse. Also, a lot of SRNAs also did some traveling to save up money. It all depends on the acuity of patients you cared for and how you can articulate your experience. If you have the type of travel experience where you get stuck with lower acuity patients about to be transferred out of the unit, then that would be a negative.
  4. You will find that many programs will be understanding of that. Use this to your advantage. Show that you have developed healthy coping mechanisms. Reflect how you learned more about yourself through the process. Showing that you are willing to address stressful situations and work through them via healthy means is a great way to impress the ADCOMs. Substance abuse is big problem in anesthesia and healthcare in general. If you have healthy coping mechanisms, you will be that more resistant to it. Anesthesia school is very burdensome and stressful. If you have been in that type of situation before and have already developed the coping skills to work through tough situations, I think you are ahead of the game. I have noticed a different attitude toward mental health in anesthesia school. All of the faculty has focused on self care, healthy outlets, hobbies, time with family, even counseling, etc. I would bring it up and highlight how you have grown.
  5. Defibn'

    CRNA Student Loans

    That's tough. Unfortunately, they do not usually include any money except for YOU. Childcare and the like are not usually included. Like for me, I have two kids and cannot take any more money out than a single 25 year old. The only other option I have is a personal loan and those can be hard to get.
  6. Defibn'

    MTSA 2021

    ****** the admissions coordinator, will be retiring next month. I remember that when I was applying she was super graceful and helpful. If she has helped you out, you may consider sending her a thank you email. I'm sure she would appreciate it!
  7. Defibn'

    Switching units

    Yeah I see where you're coming from. I worked in weird ICU. We were a "heart recovery" unit but also had a ton of sepsis and resp failure. Toward the end of my time there we pretty much stopped using SWANs. IMO you are probably in a good spot, and I don't recommend switching at this point. I would try to apply and see what happens. You are right that moving units would make it more difficult to get recommendations. The big benefit to recovering hearts is the immediate post op period where they sometimes have pretty labile hemodynamics. Depending on the unit culture it may take a while before they even give you those. If I were you, I probably stay where you're at and make sure I knew everything about the unit, the drugs, and the conditions that you routinely treat.
  8. Defibn'

    Switching units

    I don't know that I would switch units. How often are you getting sick patients? Vasoactive medications, vents, and the like?
  9. Defibn'

    RN to BSN programs

    I would not recommend any program that is like what you are describing. It may be fine for management or whatever but applying to a competitive graduate program requires a GPA. Most RN-BSN programs are a money grab and the program you are referencing sounds like the worst of them. I could be wrong but I'm probably not. Other than that it doesn't really matter where you get your BSN. I would just make sure it gives you a GPA and get all As. If you want to be picky, go with a brick and mortar school with an online option.
  10. I think the general trend is that they do not accept residency experience. The safest bet would be to email someone in admissions at the programs you want to apply to.
  11. Defibn'

    MTSA 2021

    Love at first sight?
  12. Defibn'

    Considering CRNA - what should I do to prepare?

    Not particularly. But we haven't had a lot of in-person interaction d/t COVID. A good rule of thumb is to know what receptors the medications in your wheelhouse act on and what the response is. Probably good to know major complications too. Example: Epinephrine works on _____receptor in the heart, ____in the lungs, and ____ in the vessels and causes _____. Major complications of epinephrine include ____. You need to know more than we give epinephrine for blood pressure support. You know what I mean? I've never heard of an adcom pushing any deeper than that.
  13. Defibn'

    Low Science GPA

    Good for you! My advice is to not take a break from school. But that is hard since you will be starting a new job. A semester off to get your bearings as a new nurse is probably a good idea. You know yourself better than anyone. Take care of yourself. Anesthesia school will still be there when you are ready.
  14. Defibn'

    Considering CRNA - what should I do to prepare?

    Congratulations! My interview was great. They were very welcoming. Mostly personal questions. They did have some unit specific medical questions but it seemed like once they thought your knowledge was adequate they backed off. They didn't try and grind me down like some places do. I think they are currently doing some type of video interviews, so who knows what they are doing. I think the days of the MTSA firing squad interview are over. As far as preparing, you really need to know yourself. Know your motivations. Know why CRNA is what you want to do. Like really know it. Think about how you handle stress, how do you study, how do you overcome challenges. Know your unit and the common things you do and see. Why do you want to attend MTSA? Do you see value in a Christian centered school? Don't lie or embellish too much. Dress appropriately. Be confident, yet humble.
  15. Defibn'

    Low Science GPA

    Get yourself an academic shovel and get to work digging yourself out that hole. I repeated some gen eds that I got Ds in my Freshman. I retook them at the same college and they eliminated the first grade from GPA calculations. Not every school calculates gpas the same. You still need to retake the ones that you got Cs or less in and get an A. After you have retaken those science courses with poor grades, take a couple upper-level science courses. It will be a long road. I'm sure someone in your position has done it before. Think of it like this, you only have to accomplish like 6 more things.
  16. Defibn'

    Online Pharm or Pathophys for CRNA

    https://mtsa.edu/academics/advanced-physiologic-foundations/ Looks like it's only in the Spring

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