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Defibn' has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN, EMT-P and specializes in CCU.

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  1. Defibn'

    Life after CRNA school dismissal/withdrawal

    I’m only just about to start school in January so take my advice for what it’s worth. If your school sucks, just get through it. You’ll be an anesthetist at the end. You can tell them to kiss your a$$ after you get through with boards. An honest conversation with the program director may help too. Hopefully, you both want you to be successful in the program.
  2. Defibn'

    ICU experience for CRNA school

    I wouldn’t worry about changes positions at this point. Apply and see what they say. There’s no magical thing about a balloon pump. A solid understanding of physiology, pharmacology and cardiovascular problems will serve you better in my opinion. IABPs and impellas are cool and all but I don’t think moving units to operate a certain device is all that necessary. Recovering hearts is a different story. I think that is valuable. But it could take you some time after transferring before they will have you doing that.
  3. Defibn'

    Life after CRNA school dismissal/withdrawal

    Dude, you’re over halfway there! Just finish and then do whatever you want.
  4. Defibn'

    Pathophysiology for CRNA

    MTSA offers this. I haven’t taken it but I know they do.
  5. Defibn'

    Sharing your training with MedStudents in CRNA school

    You can look at these message boards on a particular school. In my interviews I asked them about this.
  6. Defibn'

    What lending did you use for school?

    I think I’m going to use the direct unsubsidized and the the discover health loan on top of it. The plus loan origination fees and interest rates are too high.
  7. Defibn'

    What lending did you use for school?

    I am weighing the pros and cons of Grad PLUS vs Private lenders for school starting in January. Any insight from those of you that have been there is appreciated. The origination fee (4.236%) and interest rate(7.08%) for the plus loan seem ridiculous.
  8. That’s good to see. I’ve always wondered how an oral surgeon could safely sedate and perform the procedure.
  9. Defibn'

    PAs in Anesthesia

    Pappa, did you just call them tools?
  10. Defibn'

    ER nurse or OR nurse?

    If you know CRNA is what you want to do then grinding out a couple years in ICU should be doable. Focus on the end goal. In my opinion, OR experience doesn’t really prepare you for anything other than OR. Some ASCs allow nurses to float between OR , preop and PACU. ER can be annoyingly tedious depending on what facility you’re at. ER is good experience though.
  11. Defibn'

    Unique Educational Situation: Do I Stand A Chance?

    Thank you! Honestly, I don’t know how I would broach the subject. I recommend starting by calling the admission coordinator/recruiter at a few programs that you would like to go to and see what they have to say. They aren’t that scary. It’s their job to field these types of questions and the ones I dealt with were very helpful.
  12. Defibn'

    Unique Educational Situation: Do I Stand A Chance?

    Just be prepared to explain all of that in a personal statement and interview. You need to find a way to make it brief. I don’t know if I would hand the interview committee a bunch of legal paperwork about your nursing program. It will be hard but try not to come across as finger-pointing/blaming. You don’t want to seem like you’re playing the “it’s not fair” card.
  13. Defibn'

    MTSA 2020

    This makes me happy! I know you wanted it bad!
  14. Defibn'

    Passing Up A Sure Thing

    Excellent point
  15. Defibn'

    Passing Up A Sure Thing

    Thank you all!
  16. Defibn'

    TCU/TWU CRNA School Application for 2020

    I’m having a difficult time understanding TCU’s program sequence... The whole primary clinical site vs distance learning options. Can anyone dumb it down for me? Where are you supposed to live?