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  1. Defibn'

    FSU Panama City CRNA 2019

    I spoke with a current student and they said that they called everyone today.. Congratulations to you all that got in!
  2. Defibn'

    FSU Panama City CRNA 2019

    Congratulations to those who were accepted! I haven’t heard anything. Do we know if they called everyone?
  3. Defibn'

    FSU Panama City CRNA 2019

    I’m sure those that interviewed and are interviewing next week will be more likely to share after interviews are over. It’s only fair
  4. Defibn'

    Transvenous Pacing Wires

    Do CRNAs place transvenous pacing wires?
  5. Defibn'

    Say Goodbye to my CRNA Chances?

    I’m not saying that the other folks on here are wrong because they aren’t. However, I would suggest to just retake them now and get them over with. Try a summer semester or two. You have far fewer responsibilities now than you could potentially have in 4-5 years. Don’t stress about getting them done before you start working but it will be easier now. Be sure you can make A’s though or it shows them that you can’t do it. Good luck my man. Keep putting one academic foot in front of the other.
  6. Defibn'

    FSU Panama City CRNA 2019

    Anyone apply for FSU CRNA starting August of 2019??