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  1. I am checking the discontinue meds symbol on the Kardex is the triangle but cant remember what it is for when you need the dosage,time,route, day etc. Any thoughts? Thanks again! Betty
  2. BettyPalen

    HUC and accessing drug info

    First of all I am in Winnipeg, Canada and I took the HUC course at Red River College. It has been drilled into us that we need to know which meds are antibiotics and which are narcotics and I have to calculate auto stop times and dates. So, for IV antis its 4 days and iv narcs are 3 days. thoughts/ betty
  3. BettyPalen

    HUC and accessing drug info

    Hi I am wondering how HUCs (Health Unit Clerks) keep track of which drug is an antibiotic, which is narcotic, heart med etc to ensure they know when to figure out auto stops and in order to write the appropriate paperwork. I am asking as my instructor was very emphatic we are not allowed cell phones on the floor but I am thinking one would require quick access to this information to confirm what is what. Thanks very much for your time betty
  4. Good Evening All, I am looking at a pre and post op surgery assignment for HUC. The dates are 3/2 and 3/3 with a list of seven meds including antibiotics and heart meds with two to be held as pre op til 3/3. Under dr orders on 3/2 are the instructions give all meds with water. The post op med sheet has the order to resume all previous meds including new meds. So, my question is first can I use two Kardex sheets as the post ops include insulin and I would not have room on one. Also, do I need to separate the meds into pre and post ops. I would appreciate any and all input. Thanks alot! Betty
  5. BettyPalen

    entering hx/history on the kardex

    I understand where to enter in a diagnosis but where do you enter in medical history or hx on the Kardex? I am working on an assignment for the HUC class. Thanks! betty
  6. BettyPalen

    Stop date for digoxin PO EOD

    Thank you all for the help on the PICC line. My next question is if the dose for Digoxin is PO EOD; does it go on the 7 or 14 day MAR? Also, for all those who state they no longer use a Kardex; are you still using MARs? If not; are you using a computerized system and are in Canada or in the US? Thanks Betty
  7. BettyPalen

    how to document insert picc line

    Good Afternoon On the Kardex, how do I document a doctor order for Insert Picc line? Is it documented under IV Therapy, under Levin or Ostomy. The doctor order sheet also included a medication order for D 5 1/2 NS W/ 2 meq KCL @ 100 cc/hr which I know is documented as medication on the 7 day MAR and as complete under IV Therapy. I need to know for a HUC assignment. Thanks Betty in Winnipeg, Canada
  8. I am in Winnipeg and would like information on how to document fasting blood sugar and the urine tests; the timed, routine, and early morning. As I am writing a test tomorrow via Red River College for HUC. thanks Betty
  9. BettyPalen

    urinalysis na osmo and urine abd

    Do anyone know how these two tests are documented on reqs? thanks!
  10. BettyPalen

    urinalysis na osmo and urine abd

    The above two doctor orders were on my HUC midterm and i have no idea what it means. The patient is 44 years old and 16 weeks pregnant. Any help would be appreciated. Betty
  11. BettyPalen

    diagnostic tests that require npo

    Im studying Documenting Diagnostic Testing for HUC in Canada and I would add colonscopy to the list of NPO after midnight.
  12. BettyPalen

    documenting testing meds

    When ordering enoscope tests; are the enemas ducumented on the stat mars? thanks!
  13. BettyPalen

    diff btwn group/match and group/hold

    Hello I am training for HUC and would appreciate more of an explanation on the differences between group and match and group and hold in relation to blood collection for lab orders. Thanks! betty
  14. BettyPalen

    documenting prednisone

    I think the full rx is prednisone 30mg po daily x2 days then prednisone 15 mg po daily x2 days then prednisone 10mg po daily So, I know the last one goes on the 7 and 14 day MARS. My question is does the first two go on the STAT MAR and kardex? thanks!
  15. BettyPalen

    documenting prednisone

    thanks but its is for upcoming HUC exam!
  16. BettyPalen

    documenting prednisone

    I am inquiring when transcribing predinison is decreasing dosage on the 7 day MAR; do you cross out the days not given. Ex. Predinison 30, 15 x 2 days. thanks!