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  1. Full time work and Full time school

    I tried working 30hrs a week plus school and adding family life to the mix I was pulling 16 hour days most days. After 2 months of this I'm now laid up with pneumonia. So I'd recommend making sure you don't burn the candle from both ends. I'm going t...
  2. Students who chat during lectures

    Thanks for all your support and tips! I'm hoping our instructors come down heavy. I didn't work my butt off to get into this program to learn about someone's boyfriend issues or what they're doing next weekend. All that gossip can wait. The two lectu...
  3. Curious About Drop-out Rate In Nursing School

    Our class is about 36 I think, but I already foresee at least 3 students failing by Christmas as they're not passing exams with over 77% and one in particular has tried copying my work in clinical because she hadn't done it beforehand.
  4. Our prescribed textbook for Cultural Competence doesn't cover British heritage, and we are writing papers based on our heritage and culture relating to healthcare. Does anyone know of, or can recommend, any other texts or resources that cover Europea...
  5. Me and a few classmates are getting really frustrated with a few students who spend most of the lecture chatting with each other. It's distracting and really quite disrespectful! Considering we all spent some time and effort to get our spots on the p...
  6. Do you NEED a study group to get through nursing school?

    I'm only a month into my first year so my views might change over the course of the program. But so far I study alone. I find it too distracting trying to study in a group. Plus already I've found 2-3 people latch on to me in lecture and lab and want...
  7. Making ends meet in nursing scool?

    I work 25 hours a week. My husband works full time. We just about break even each month but we knew with me going to school for 2 years it's such a short time in the grand scheme of things to be living on such a tight budget. Once I'm done, and back ...
  8. Just tooting my own horn here 🎉

    My usual way of studying was to focus on resources outside of the PowerPoints and objectives, thinking that they were the guide rather than the actual material iyswim? This time I took more time to really learn EVERYTHING on the PowerPoints and in th...
  9. Just tooting my own horn here 🎉

    Thank you both í ½í² I think thats what I'm most proud of: getting out of my comfort zone and trying a new method of studying (I'm a "mature" student í ½í¸„ So my usual method is ingrained.) and I put in time to learn how to learn differently not ju...
  10. I just did exam 2 in fundamentals and got a 96!!!! I worked so hard and totally changed my usual methods (which only got me an 82 last time) and I'm so happy it worked! I hope I don't sound obnoxious, I'm just proud of myself and don't want to make a...
  11. Hi, is anyone else starting the ADN program at the Mount this Fall? I finally got in and am very excited to start my journey 😊
  12. A Different Question For Y'all

    Check out Pinterest! I get a lot of really delicious recipes from there. There's some sites that have dump bag recipes that you can prep and keep in the freezer, I can't remember the website names though. A couple family favorites though: Chicken an...
  13. Pregnancy and birth

    I was in your shoes 2 years ago, although I'm an older RN student at 38. It took me 3 semesters to complete my pre reqs for the ADN I'm starting this fall. I had to complete: - anatomy and physiology 1 and 2 - college writing 1 and 2 - statistics -...
  14. Organizer/planner

    I'm a terrible procrastinator, and need to keep myself to a tight schedule or I tend to leave things til the last minute. I got all As in my prerequisites but I know nursing school will need a much better system so I don't fall behind. Can anyone rec...
  15. Used books old edition vs. newest edition

    I had the same question. I got given all the books I'll need for the program but, like you, they're the last edition and the program book list has the new editions listed. Would love to save a fortune by using the gifted ones!