Just tooting my own horn here 🎉


I just did exam 2 in fundamentals and got a 96!!!! I worked so hard and totally changed my usual methods (which only got me an 82 last time) and I'm so happy it worked! I hope I don't sound obnoxious, I'm just proud of myself and don't want to make a big deal of this in real life. So virtual world will hear about it instead! 😂


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Go for it, Darlin! You assessed a problem with your method, adjusted it, and your hard work paid off! Don't toot your horn, play a whole diddy on it! Congrats on your 96!

Congratulations, that must feel great to have your hard work pay off! :D


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Thank you both í ½í²

I think thats what I'm most proud of: getting out of my comfort zone and trying a new method of studying (I'm a "mature" student í ½í¸„ So my usual method is ingrained.) and I put in time to learn how to learn differently not just learn all the material if you see what I mean. So I hope to continue putting in this work and get good grades as it has shown me that hard work pays off in so many ways.

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Congrats! keep it up! What changes did you make specifically that you found had such a big impact on your grade?


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My usual way of studying was to focus on resources outside of the PowerPoints and objectives, thinking that they were the guide rather than the actual material iyswim? This time I took more time to really learn EVERYTHING on the PowerPoints and in the objectives. So maybe less breadth of resources but way more detailed and specific. I did the reading (the whole of each chapter) prior to lecture, took notes on the PowerPoints from there and then at the lecture too. Then I used these to answer the objectives whilst going through the textbook again alongside too. So basically, my old way= looking at the material only once but from many sources online and from text books. My new way I focused more closely on exactly what the instructor was teaching and ended up going over the same (still really large!!!) amount of material 3 times and then again when revising for the test. The stuff really stuck way better.

This might all sound like common sense or normal for some but it's a big change for me at 38!

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That is fantastic! Thank you for sharing. I plan on doing the exact same thing for my study habits. Best of luck to you!

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Congrats!! I am also a mature student, and it is hard to adjust to this style of learning. I understand exactly what you mean by comfort zones, it is awkward and exciting at the same time :D

Best of luck