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  1. Hello traumaRU,

    I notice you have specialized in Nephrology.  I was just hired as a Nephrology NP and started "training/shadowing"  the MD this past Monday. This is my first NP position. 

    I need some help! I will be working with a practice that see patients in clinic, hospitals, and dialysis centers. The doctor that is 'training" me and will be working with acts as if I've also done a fellowship for a year in nephrology. He doesn't really explain what he is doing or why. I kind of just hoover over as he goes about the day seeing patients. He moves so fast and will just talk about things randomly. He is a great doctor but not the best teacher. So the last 3 days I have felt lost and do not feel as if I am learning anything. Do you have any tips, websites, personal knowledge or any information you can share that can help.



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