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  1. proches

    SPC Summer 2020 LPN - RN Bridge

    Hey, everyone! I've been looking for a thread about summer 2020 applications for SPC LPN to RN Bridge Nursing program, but nothing yet! I applied as soon as it opened , and I'm crossing my fingers until the March 1st. Anyone else applied or planning to do it soon? Let me know your thoughts and plans, we are all together in this one
  2. proches

    SPC Nursing Program Spring 2017

    Thank you so much. I really enjoy your input and thanks for doing the research very informative.
  3. proches

    SPC Nursing Program Spring 2017

    Yes I will be. Am using these 2 semesters to do over 2 labs and stats to bring my gpa up and apply in July. What stage are you at?
  4. proches

    hillsborough community college SPRING 2015

    Hi leroymon I know it is a little far away from the time you posted but if you still have the info on the nursing adviser i would appreciate the info. thank you
  5. proches

    Hard Time

    Am having a hard time with my microbiology classes. I signed up for tutoring too so hopefully that will help. I also understand what your saying about not being a fit for me. I believe it is, I just have to work harder nothing comes easily. Ive never been great at taking tests but put me in the hospital with a little traning and i do great. Am just going to work harder to get to that point. Thanks for your input though I truly apreciate it.
  6. proches

    Hard Time

    Hi guys, Am currently doing my pre requisites for nursing. This semester has been the hardest, am doing Microbiology lab and the lecture, and A&P 1 lab. Honestly am struggling in these classes, which is like foriegn to me, am a good student but dont know whats going on. I really want to become a nurse because I know as a nurse I will do well. Any advise would help please. Patrice

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