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  1. Ratio + Acuity Controlled Facilities?

    Please share your insight of any facilities that are known to have reasonable nurse-patient ratio/acuity parameters. It would also be a blessing if you could please mention the consideration of acuity of care required and other factors such as specia...
  2. Nursing corps scholarship 2015-2016

    Sounds like you're a sure thing already And yes, they consider big picture of what all you accomplish on the daily ~ My school GPA 3.7, (Lifetime GPA 3.65) EFC: 0 BSN, 3/4 semesters remaining 100 hrs county volunteer
  3. 2013-2014 HRSA Nursing Scholarship Program

    Same for me too, so how did this ever pan out for you to find out what their codes listed match up with the hospital names? ~ Thank you ~
  4. Expert advice on passing your 1st semester

    PaulBaxter your pic is Ha-Ha-larious!! Makes me giggle every time I see it
  5. Recent changes to allnurses

    Bubble profile pic cant view my text now, I gotta change my avatar
  6. RN school credits cost less, and RN-BSN takes 1 year not 2 years. Go for the bridge, absolutely
  7. Program compare chart: CSN, NSC, UNLV

    CSN is 2-yr school (only offers dental hygiene 4-yr)
  8. Program compare chart: CSN, NSC, UNLV

    (note: this was prior to NSC new double tuition w/new program changes 2015)... ..........................................UNLV ...................CSN .................NSC [TABLE=class: wikitable] [TR=class: odd alt over] [TH][/TH] [TH][/TH] [TH][/TH] ...
  9. CSN Fall 2015

    90 days apart, twice I believe
  10. NSC Doubling Tuition - Fall 2015

    NSC's nursing program costs around $25,000. UNLV costs the same and is a faster time and they offer more scholarships and they have a masters because they are a university and they are building a medical school.
  11. NSC Doubling Tuition - Fall 2015

    Brookline college has a $12,000 BSN program online (local clinicals included)... I heard about it on this AN site Nursing Degree Programs in AZ, NM, Online | Brookline College
  12. Nevada State College - 2015 BSN Cohort

    By the way, there's talk of double cohorts this term so 32 ft, 32 pt and this will make it very possible for all competitive applicants to get in. Rest assured
  13. Nevada State College - 2015 BSN Cohort

    We should know by Halloween, it takes 4-6 weeks (from September 15th)
  14. Mantra?... Whats yours??...

    My favorite is, "When we are at our very worst, therein lies the unique opportunity to respond with our very best." (Or for short, "At our worst, we find our best.").
  15. Mantra?... Whats yours??...

    I am in need of some new mantras to get me through stressful times... Share your best mantras here: