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  1. avrilmay86

    Duke New Grad July 2017!

    I'll be starting in July too! I'll be in the Radiology Dept! Super excited!!!
  2. avrilmay86

    Best hospitals for new grad RN in NC?

    Would you describe them as providing a good solid orientation? Having good preceptors that actually want to see you succeed is very important to me.
  3. avrilmay86

    Radiology Nursing

    This sounds like a great, high energy area to work in. Would you recommend this area for a new grad, or for more experienced nurses?
  4. avrilmay86

    Poll: What do you love about the NICU?

    I really enjoyed this post! So great to read positivity in a challenging area. I have really been considering if NICU is a good place to be and I must say, this post gave me a lot of hope.
  5. avrilmay86

    Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Nurse Residency

    I was looking into this program also. Did you accept an offer with them? I wouldn't mind taking a slight pay cut if it meant I would be thoroughly prepared to work as an RN. Getting a good experience is very important to me.
  6. avrilmay86

    Moses Cone or Home Health in Greensboro

    I'm also curious about Moses Cone. I saw they have a new grad academy with different tracks, and I haven't seen any other hospital offer that.
  7. avrilmay86

    Nurses Eating Nursing Students

    I've seen both awesome & not so awesome nurses. Some like to demonstrate, some will come out and say they aren't able to handle a student. Sometimes other nurses will see you and ask for your help, so you don't end up following 1 nurse, you may follow multiple nurses based on the needs of the floor. We aren't allowed to work with a nurse who is training or one who has a student, we have to be reassigned in those circumstances. Some people are nice, some aren't. Never take it to heart, just keep moving forward.
  8. avrilmay86

    New grad RN - UNC Rex or Duke?!

    Wow that's great. I haven't had the pleasure of doing clinicals at Rex, but I hear great things about them. I wish you much luck and success!
  9. avrilmay86

    How To Get a Job As a New Grad Nurse

    I graduate in a few months, and this is exactly what I needed to read! Thank you so much for all of the great information and advice.
  10. avrilmay86

    New grad RN - UNC Rex or Duke?!

    Congratulations on getting 2 amazing offers! Which hospital did you eventually go with?
  11. avrilmay86

    Nurse Residency Program February 2017 - Cone Health

    This sounds like an amazing opportunity! If you don't mind me asking, what was your application process for this like? I graduate in May & I'm interested in staying in the pediatric realm.
  12. avrilmay86

    UNC Nurse Residency Program- Pediatrics

    Sorry make that May 2017 that I graduate. But still very nerve wracking!
  13. avrilmay86

    UNC Nurse Residency Program- Pediatrics

    Hi! Late post, but very relevant to me. I've talked to some new nurses in picu and they've told me the whole process has changed. The way it sounds, it doesn't matter that I'm "in house", and now the floors bid for the new grads and rotate them to each peds floor for a few days almost like a working interview (nerve-wracking anyone? What if nobody wants or needs you??? ) I graduate in May 2016 and I'm super nervous, but I know pediatrics is for me. I would love to know how you feel about the new grad life, and if you love your area! I'm in picu now as an NA. I'm looking into other areas ans cities too just in case things change again before this next application opens.
  14. avrilmay86

    Vance Granville Community College

    Honestly, my advisor didn't tell me how many points I had. She filled out the sheet to submit to the admissions department, but when you go in after you take your TEAS, you must get that filled out and signed by an advisor. I'm sure they will be able to tell you how many points you have. Everyone is different based on what they have already taken, and what they need to take to stay on track. It will probably also depend on how many people apply for your cohort. In any matter, I wish you tremendous luck and I hope you get some good news very soon!
  15. avrilmay86

    Vance Granville Community College

    Good Luck Laila34! I hope you hear good news soon. I'm not sure overall what the point distribution was for everyone. Personally I applied towards the end of the deadline, due to having to reschedule my TEAS test because of the snow. I had everything complete except for patho and I got in. Some people were taking A&P, english, or other courses while taking the nursing classes, so I'm not sure how they gave out points. I wish I could give you a clear answer, but I assure you, when you get that acceptance letter, just get ready! You will hit the ground running no matter what program you start, I assure you! Best Wishes!
  16. avrilmay86

    Vance Granville Community College

    Hey! Just wondering if anybody out there is also going to be starting VGCC's ADN program in North Carolina this fall?!?! I'm so excited!!

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