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  1. psych.nurse

    A Fishy Healthcare Operation?

    I wasn’t sure where to post this question. I’m a nurse practitioner working primarily with older adults. In the past year, a new hospice company has begun serving some of my patients. I’ve been suspicious of their operations for a couple of reasons. I learned that they are somehow getting names and numbers of patients and calling them to see if they’re interested in hospice care. One of my patients who received a call from them was not at a point where he needed hospice, yet the company told him about all of the services and equipment they’d give him. One of the physicians in my group has been firm about using this particular hospice for our patients, in one case arranging for a parent to be admitted even after she told the doctor that she didn’t want to use that hospice. One of my colleagues has told me that she believes this physician has a financial stake in this hospice company. I’m upset about what I’ve seen happening and worried that patients may be getting inappropriate care. What can I do?
  2. psych.nurse

    Anonymously Reporting Abuse?

    I agree that it would be ideal to go through someone at the facility first. Unfortunately, the times I've tried to bring up issues with the nurses or DON, it did not go well. The staff have become defensive. It's not just this one med issue; it's been a lot of issues. The one time I went to the DON, she snapped at time and told that she didn't have time for it. Last week, I realized that one of my patients had been off of one of her meds for two weeks (a schizophrenic patient who was without her antipsychotic). When I asked the nurse why she hadn't had her meds for two weeks, she shrugged and said, "I don't know." When I looked shocked, she asked me, "Is that a problem?", and then gave me the stink-eye for the rest of the afternoon. I think I'm seen as making trouble when I ask questions. I hate being in this position.
  3. psych.nurse

    Anonymously Reporting Abuse?

    One of the nursing facilities where I work has some bad practices when it comes to medications. I've seen patients overmedicated, had nurses lie to me about which medications were being given, had nurses ask me to order meds to "keep the patient quiet", and most recently, saw a PRN antipsychotic medication hand-written into a patient's MAR when there was no order for it (I had recently discontinued the medication because it wasn't being used and the patient was no longer agitated). I've mentioned my concerns to a few of the nursing staff, and it definitely hasn't made me any friends there. I go home feeling sad and angry. I've thought about making an anonymous complaint about these conditions, but I'm not sure how I would do this, or if I should. I work in MA. Any suggestions?
  4. psych.nurse

    Regret Becoming an NP

    Thank you for your feedback, everyone. So, to clarify, what I've found that I really don't like about working as an NP is the pressure to see as many patients as possible, as quickly as possible. My work is psych-related, which I like, but I find it hard to provide the kind of care I want to give when the time pressure and pressure to keep numbers up is so intense. I'd been thinking about the PhD off and in for several years, and my decision to go ahead and start applying was largely related to how disillusioned I've felt so far as an NP. I've had some good moments, but a lot of stress and disappointment. There are also the physicians who treat NP's like they're not good enough and should never expresss a difference of opinion with their supervising MD's.
  5. psych.nurse

    Regret Becoming an NP

    After working as a nurse for four years, I went to NP school. Most of my RN experience was in psych, and I thought about becoming a psych NP, but with the advice of peers, decided to become an FNP, since I was told it would be a more useful, fulfilling, and marketable degree. I felt fortunate when I received a job offer two months after graduation. There are so many NP's here in Boston, and the job market is competitive! I stayed at my first job for 11 months, during which time I became miserable and burnt out. I took a couple months off and just started a new job, but I don't feel confident that I'll be happy. I'm applying to PhD programs right now. For awhile, I've known that I'd like to teach and do research. I now wish that I'd just stayed an RN and proceeded with the PhD. The NP program cost a lot, and now I'm paying it off! Colleagues have given me positive feedback on my work, but I have yet to feel good about the work I've done, or happy as an NP. I'm wondering if there are other NP's, especially newer NP's, who feel the same way?
  6. psych.nurse

    New NP Job Not What I Thought...

    Thank you for the support, everyone. So, here's what happened. On Monday, I ended up taking the day off work because I was feeling so stressed out and overwhelmed by everything that I didn't feel I could function at work that day. I sent my boss an email saying that I felt some things were going well, though I had concerns about some aspects of the job--specifically, the ones that weren't consistent with what was described to me when I started. We met today, and came to the mutual decision that this is not a good fit for me. She complimented me on my skills and abilities, and expressed that she felt I'd do better in a position with more structure. I agreed with her, and decided to resign. She said she'd support my seeking another position within the medical center. So...I guess that could have gone a lot worse. Still, I am very scared and distraught about becoming unemployed. I was offered another position before I took this one, and I saw online that it hasn't been filled yet...so maybe I'all reach out to them again? I have enough resources to stay afloat for a couple of months, but this is still scary.
  7. psych.nurse

    New NP Job Not What I Thought...

    So, here's an example of what's been happening. On Thursday, the nurse in charge of home care approached me and told me she'd like me to see some patients for one of the home care nurses who was out. The home care division is apparently having a huge staffing crisis right now; they can't keep up with their patient load. She asked me what supplies I had. I didn't have any, because I don't do home care nursing. She loaded me up with supplies and told me I'd be fine. I told my supervisor that I wasn't entirely comfortable with this, and she told me she thought I'd be fine. So, I got up super early to go and see these patients, had to figure out their dressings on the fly, and then had to head back to the office so the home care nurse could check my documentation. I did what I could and then waited three hours for her to approve my documentation. She told me that I had to go back and enter a full ROS for each of them, which I was not told. I left exhausted and angry. She was not happy when I told her that I didn't feel this was in line with my intended responsibilities. My supervisor sees no reason why I shouldn't be pulled to do whatever: "You're an NP; you should be able to do any of this." I can't afford a car right now. I'm stressed out and upset. I see a therapist for depression, and without having some predictability in my schedule, I don't know how I'll be able to keep that up. I'm sorry if I sound like a baby. This just isn't what I was told it would be.
  8. psych.nurse

    New NP Job Not What I Thought...

    I'm trying to figure out what to do here. About a month ago, I accepted an NP position with a local hospital. I am the first NP that the department has hired. I was told that this was a new position, and that I'd been hired specifically for this new role. It's a good hospital, the pay and benefits are great, and most of the people here are really nice. Here's the issue: the definition of what my job is and what I'm responsible for seems to change a few times per week. I thought I was going to have control over my schedule; now it seems that I won't. I was told that I would occasionally do home health visits, then told that I wouldn't be doing home health, then yesterday I was suddenly told that I had to have a car because I was going to see four home health patients. (I don't own a car because I live in a big city where a lot of people don't since it's so expensive). I'm frustrated and upset. I'm wondering if I made a mistake by taking this position. I don't know what to do. I don't know if I can be happy here, but I think it would look bad on my resume to only stay in a job for a month.
  9. psych.nurse

    PhD Nursing Programs!

    I'm looking into doctoral (PhD) nursing programs on the East Coast. I live in the Boston area. I am a family nurse practitioner with my MSN. So far, I've been looking at Boston College, UMass-Boston, and Villanova. How do you begin to figure out which program is right for you? How many should I plan to apply to? I know the general area that I want to focus on for my research. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  10. Is anyone else here currently waiting to receiving their NP license from Professional Credentialing Services? I am in MA, which uses PCS. It's been awful. I got an NP job, and I can't start until my license is issued. Every time I call PCS to check the status of my application, I either end up on hold for so long that I eventually have to hang up (more than 15 min), or talk to a woman who tells me that she'll call me back by the end of the day, and never does (the same woman). They don't answer emails. I was told that they never received a transcript, which was sent weeks ago. Every time I think about it, I want to cry out of frustration. I need to work, and this is holding me up! I feel powerless to do anything here. Anyone have any ideas, or a similar experience?
  11. psych.nurse

    Passed FNP ANCC July, 2016!

    I passed ANCC for FNP in June. I did the Fitzgerald review course and used the Leik book. Fitzgerald provided a good content review. Leik's questions were very similar to what I saw on the test. Once you feel you have the content down, I would definitely use Leik's FNP review book. 😊
  12. Has anyone else here recently applied for NP licensure? I live and work in Massachusetts. One of my friends, who graduated with me in May, has been waiting for more than 6 weeks. Another classmate waited 5 weeks after sending in all of her application materials. I'm wondering how typical this is. I've accepted an NP job, but I can't start until my license arrives. I passed boards and have received my certification; just need the actual license.
  13. psych.nurse

    Agency Nursing Problems

    Thanks for your feedback. Yesterday, I chatted with a nurse friend of mine who's done home care for years, and she basically said the same thing: agencies have a hard time finding and keeping staff to cover assignments, so inconsistencies and disorder are pretty much par for the course. I have just accepted a full-time job that will begin at the end of next month, so I know that I won't be taking any more assignments from the agency after this one. So, I'm going just cover the case part-time and deal with it. Thank you for your perspective.
  14. psych.nurse

    Agency Nursing Problems

    I've been on staff with a nursing agency for the past two years. Until this summer, I was just doing per diem clinic work for them, since I was going to school full-time. Last month, they offered me a part-time 5-week home care position, which I accepted. It was due to begin next week. Two weeks ago, they called me to ask if I'd cover another client for 3 days this week. I accepted. It went fine, though it was a draining assignment. Yesterday afternoon, after I finished my third and final shift with the client, the agency called and asked me if I wanted to work with this client full-time for the next 6 weeks, because they don't have anyone lined up for the client. I was very surprised at this, since the client's mother (it's a pediatric patient) told me that new nurses would be starting next week; she had been told that there was coverage. I reminded the agency person that I had already committed to another assignment with them, and she said it didn't matter, because that client was easier to cover, and someone else could do it. I told her I'd be willing to cover the client part-time, but couldn't do five days a week (honestly, it's because this assignment takes a lot of energy). Well, today the agency called me back and said if I want to cover 2-3 days per week, that's fine, but then they'll reassign my original case to someone else, because they don't want to split that one between two nurses. I'm frustrated with this whole situation. It's not fair to the client's mother, that she was told there was coverage when there wasn't. And why should I have an assignment taken away from me because they couldn't fulfill a commitment? I'm also mad at the agency because they made a mistake with my last paycheck. Plus, for both cases, they gave me inaccurate info about the client's; I didn't know the actual ages, genders until I met them. Is this stuff pretty common to staffing agencies, or is this one more disorganized than most?
  15. psych.nurse

    Fitzgerald review course

    I took the course in Boston last month. I wish I'd brought a sweater, because the conference room in the hotel where it was held was freezing! I asked the staff if anything could be done about the temperature, and they told me that it depends on what the speaker wants. I was able to take all of my notes in the workbook provided, but you might want to bring extra paper.
  16. psych.nurse

    Took Fitzgerald

    Just wanted to say that I just took the Fitzgerald FNP live review course, and I thought it was really good. It was very thorough; a lot of content was covered, and she highlighted the important points to consider when reading test questions. I'm glad that I took the course. I'm planning to take ANCC in about a month, so I'll let you know how it goes!