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  1. psych.nurse

    Funny Things Patients Say Contest | Nurses Week

    I was giving a patient her medications one night. She was always nervous about taking her pills, and wanted an explanation for each one. When I held up her senna, I told her that it was a stimulant laxative. She asked me what that meant. I told her, "It kind of gives your colon a little kick and tells it to move." She nodded very seriously and said, "Oh...so it motivates it!"
  2. psych.nurse

    Looking for Opportunities to Help

    Hi. I am an NP in the Boston area. I'm currently working per-diem while I'm back in school. With classes on hold, I have more time on my hands, and I am interested in picking up work (I'd consider RN shifts) to help any local facilities that need help due to the pandemic. (I don't want to pick up more work with my current employer, because honestly, I don't like my current job and I'm looking for new NP opportunities, too.) I don't know how/where to reach out to find places that urgently need NP's or RN's. I keep hearing that physicians and nurses are so needed right now, but I'm not clear on where. I live in an area of the country that's saturated with medical professionals, so maybe the need here is not as great at the moment...? Any suggestions?? Thanks!
  3. psych.nurse

    A Fishy Healthcare Operation?

    I wasn’t sure where to post this question. I’m a nurse practitioner working primarily with older adults. In the past year, a new hospice company has begun serving some of my patients. I’ve been suspicious of their operations for a couple of reasons. I learned that they are somehow getting names and numbers of patients and calling them to see if they’re interested in hospice care. One of my patients who received a call from them was not at a point where he needed hospice, yet the company told him about all of the services and equipment they’d give him. One of the physicians in my group has been firm about using this particular hospice for our patients, in one case arranging for a parent to be admitted even after she told the doctor that she didn’t want to use that hospice. One of my colleagues has told me that she believes this physician has a financial stake in this hospice company. I’m upset about what I’ve seen happening and worried that patients may be getting inappropriate care. What can I do?
  4. psych.nurse

    New NP Job Not What I Thought...

    Thank you for the support, everyone. So, here's what happened. On Monday, I ended up taking the day off work because I was feeling so stressed out and overwhelmed by everything that I didn't feel I could function at work that day. I sent my boss an email saying that I felt some things were going well, though I had concerns about some aspects of the job--specifically, the ones that weren't consistent with what was described to me when I started. We met today, and came to the mutual decision that this is not a good fit for me. She complimented me on my skills and abilities, and expressed that she felt I'd do better in a position with more structure. I agreed with her, and decided to resign. She said she'd support my seeking another position within the medical center. So...I guess that could have gone a lot worse. Still, I am very scared and distraught about becoming unemployed. I was offered another position before I took this one, and I saw online that it hasn't been filled yet...so maybe I'all reach out to them again? I have enough resources to stay afloat for a couple of months, but this is still scary.
  5. psych.nurse

    New NP Job Not What I Thought...

    So, here's an example of what's been happening. On Thursday, the nurse in charge of home care approached me and told me she'd like me to see some patients for one of the home care nurses who was out. The home care division is apparently having a huge staffing crisis right now; they can't keep up with their patient load. She asked me what supplies I had. I didn't have any, because I don't do home care nursing. She loaded me up with supplies and told me I'd be fine. I told my supervisor that I wasn't entirely comfortable with this, and she told me she thought I'd be fine. So, I got up super early to go and see these patients, had to figure out their dressings on the fly, and then had to head back to the office so the home care nurse could check my documentation. I did what I could and then waited three hours for her to approve my documentation. She told me that I had to go back and enter a full ROS for each of them, which I was not told. I left exhausted and angry. She was not happy when I told her that I didn't feel this was in line with my intended responsibilities. My supervisor sees no reason why I shouldn't be pulled to do whatever: "You're an NP; you should be able to do any of this." I can't afford a car right now. I'm stressed out and upset. I see a therapist for depression, and without having some predictability in my schedule, I don't know how I'll be able to keep that up. I'm sorry if I sound like a baby. This just isn't what I was told it would be.
  6. psych.nurse

    New NP Job Not What I Thought...

    I'm trying to figure out what to do here. About a month ago, I accepted an NP position with a local hospital. I am the first NP that the department has hired. I was told that this was a new position, and that I'd been hired specifically for this new role. It's a good hospital, the pay and benefits are great, and most of the people here are really nice. Here's the issue: the definition of what my job is and what I'm responsible for seems to change a few times per week. I thought I was going to have control over my schedule; now it seems that I won't. I was told that I would occasionally do home health visits, then told that I wouldn't be doing home health, then yesterday I was suddenly told that I had to have a car because I was going to see four home health patients. (I don't own a car because I live in a big city where a lot of people don't since it's so expensive). I'm frustrated and upset. I'm wondering if I made a mistake by taking this position. I don't know what to do. I don't know if I can be happy here, but I think it would look bad on my resume to only stay in a job for a month.
  7. psych.nurse

    PhD Nursing Programs!

    I'm looking into doctoral (PhD) nursing programs on the East Coast. I live in the Boston area. I am a family nurse practitioner with my MSN. So far, I've been looking at Boston College, UMass-Boston, and Villanova. How do you begin to figure out which program is right for you? How many should I plan to apply to? I know the general area that I want to focus on for my research. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  8. psych.nurse

    Passed FNP ANCC July, 2016!

    I passed ANCC for FNP in June. I did the Fitzgerald review course and used the Leik book. Fitzgerald provided a good content review. Leik's questions were very similar to what I saw on the test. Once you feel you have the content down, I would definitely use Leik's FNP review book. 😊
  9. psych.nurse

    How Did You Find Your First NP Job?

    I will be graduating from my FNP program next month, and I'm getting very anxious about finding a job (I'm broke!) I've gotten good feedback from my clinical preceptors and have good references, but no real job leads at this point. I have about four years of RN experience. There are a lot of NP opportunities here in Boston, but most of the job listings I see are looking for experienced NP's. How do I "break in" to the field? I'm happy with the education I've received in my program, but we haven't gotten much career advice. Thanks!
  10. psych.nurse

    Switching NP Specialty Tracks?

    Hi. I'm about halfway through the FNP program at Simmons, but I've been thinking that maybe I want to be a psychiatric/mental health NP instead. I was accepted to a psych NP program, also in Boston, but decided to go with the FNP because I thought it would be more versatile. I'm starting to feel that I might be happier in psych. I talked to someone in the psych NP program at BC, and she told me that I may be able to transfer some of my credits. I am already an RN (not doing Direct Entry), and have worked in psych in the past. Has anyone here switched specialty tracks? To what extent would I be able to treat psych patients as an FNP? Thank you!
  11. psych.nurse

    Finding Preceptors in Boston

    I'm in one of the FNP programs in Boston (don't want to name the place right now--don't want to offend anyone). I'm frustrated with the clinical placement situation. We were told that the program would place all of us, that there were plenty of options available. Well, we're a week into the summer semester, and I still don't have a placement. I was told that I had one, then told that I had one but a contract needed to be made, then was just told that it may not work out after all, that the contract is expired and that I should look for some options on my own. Some other people in my program haven't been placed yet, either. As it is, the tentative placement I was given is in a location that I may not be able to get to, and I told them this months ago. Is it like this everywhere in Boston?? I have actually been considering transferring to a different NP program, because I have had issues with disorganization at my school. Overall I like the classes and instructors, but the administrative stuff has been a huge headache. I'm wondering if it would be better anywhere else, though. Thank you!
  12. psych.nurse

    Questioning My Boss's Practices

    I recently took a job with a private research company, where I am in charge of running a few clinical trials testing psychotropic medications. My background is in psychiatric nursing, and I was recruited because of my psych experience. I am having an issue with the ways in which my boss is pressuring me to recruit study participants. She is always standing over me, asking me to call people again (even if I just called), asking me to double-book, and be more aggressive with getting people into the studies. She has just started pushing me to call around to shelters to try to recruit people that way (for one particular study, there may be a good number of people who would meet the study qualifications). I feel a little uncomfortable with this. Many of the potential participants I talk to are very vulnerable (i.e. depressed, anxious, unemployed, traumatized), and as much as I want to find participants, I feel very strongly that it's important to be sensitive to the needs of patients with mental illness, and that they should be comfortable with what they're doing. I can tell that this makes her impatient. She recently pressured me to recruit someone at a time that I thought was inappropriate for the patient (who was at the office for another reason). I have been leaving work feeling angry, resentful, and distressed. How can I deal with this? Am I in the wrong workplace? I like what I do; I just don't like some of the practices that I'm being asked to use. I'd appreciate any feedback.

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