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  1. Hi everyone! Me and my family are thinking of moving from CT to FL. I work in NY though. I am a dialysis RN so I want to ask what could be the salary range/hr to consider for someone who has 14 yrs experience? For Acutes or chronic? Which place should I reside and work? Thanks in advance for your input! Appreciate it a lot!
  2. I would like to apologize first to the moderators, I really don't know where this thread should be posted. I'm a nurse here in the Philippines, and I've been looking around for employers that could deploy me in the US. Now I found 2, One is in Connecticut (Fairfield), the offer is $27/hr, I will be working in a nursing facility with 355 bed capacity. All my exam fees will be reimbursed by the employer and the contract is for two years. I don't mind the weather because I like snow plus it is near canada so i can cross the border if i want. The other is in Nebraska (Kimball), the offer is $20/hr, I'll be assigned in a nursing facility with 67bed capacity, contract is for two years as well. Only my nclex will be reimbursed and I don't know what to expect about Nebraska. The other thing I'm considering is, my employer's lawyer in CT wants me to go through the endorsement of license before we file for my I-140 (I'm licensed in another state to avoid the cgfns exam but that's another story). I'm the one doing all the paperwork for this which I believe should be done by them already. My employer in Nebraska on the other hand told me that she will take care of it. Hope someone here can help me make a wise decision, what is the better choice? Thanks fellow nurses! Godspeed!
  3. rn_05

    Clarification: Reciprocity vs. Endorsement

    Hi Suzanne! I'm still here in the Philippines and have recently passed the NCLEX-RN under NY BON. I found an employer but they are located in CT. As what I know, CT requires CGFNS certification (exam) before they can issue a license to a nurse. Is it gonna be the same thing in my case even if I will only apply for endorsement? Appreciate your help all these years. God bless you always!
  4. hi happyMe! Just went to PHC this afternoon. I had my exam re-scheduled. I was suppose to take it last july 2. Unfortunately, i got sick and I also lost the schedule slip and just found it yesterday. My exam was rescheduled to October 22. Whew! Anyway, I asked the person at the HR how long the process will be and she told me that, right now, the nurses who took their exam last oct and nov (2006!) will only be having their panel interview by this month. So ,it's really a loooooooong wait! She even advised me to apply to other hospitals while waiting and just transfer if ever I'll be hired after the entire process. If you are really interested in getting a job at PHC, I suggest you submit your requirements asap. Then apply to other hospitals while they are still processing your papers...Good luck and God bless!!!!
  5. Fellow nurse, please share here the information on how foreign nurses (especially those coming form the Philippines) can be a RN in Ireland. Hope you can give us the step by step procedure, the authorities we need to contact, and other requirements. Thanks a lot! Another thing, is hospital experience required before one can be registered in Ireland? Is hospital experience also a prerequisite before a hospital employer can hire you? Lastly, will a foreign nurse have to undergo a competency or bridging program in order to be registered? Appreciate your input a lot. God bless!
  6. rn_05

    Need Info about Mission Regional Medical Center

    thanks for the info, me33, but in as much as I want to choose the hospital I want to work with, Mission is the only one right now which offers a H1C visa so we Filipinos can work in the US. That is the reason why I want to know any comments about the hospital and the place first before I grab the opportunity.
  7. Hi fellow nurses! I hope you can share some information about the working conditions at Mission Regional Medical Center, the nurse-patient ratio, and how much the usual starting salary is for a Registered nurse. With regards to the location, what can you say about the standard of living in this area (MIssion, texas)? I'm a foreign nurse and I'm contemplating on working with the hospital I mentioned above. Hope you can enlighten me. Thanks so much!
  8. rn_05

    I am stuck..HELP!!!!!!

    I passed all the requirements already to apply as a nurse in the US (like NCLEX, etc.) the problem is I don't know if I should pursue my application through this agency which my sister told me be under (btw, I have finished all the requirements by myself, no help from any agency). I sent her my NCLEX result and my resume already, only to get a reply from her (she is currently in the US while I am here in the Philippines) that retrogression is still present (which I am very much aware of), and that she can only file my papers to their US hospital clients once retrogression is lifted so they can conduct an interview videoconference. That, of course, is not the type of info i want to hear from my agency! I have friends who just submitted their requirements to their respective agencies and they were already interviewed by the hospital, plus, they have already submitted their papers for I-140 and are just waiting for their notice of receipts. These conflicting information makes me feel so disheartened about my situation. Should i believe my agency and stick with them, cause I was thinking, maybe that's the real score though it isn't nice to hear....or...look for another agency which can have the hospital interview me asap and start my i-140 processing even if retrogression is still not lifted. I need your help guys....I don't wanna be stuck here!!!
  9. hi wishin4NZ, I want to know how i can do all the paperworks by myself and the expenses also. Please share your info with me. One thing that bothers me a lot are the expenses. Is it better to go through a placement agency (reliable placement)? I saw the amount they'll be asking from one of the posts and I dunno if I'll have that big money to pay them. What can you suggest? Big thanks!!!
  10. Hi fellow nurses! I need your help. I became a Philippine RN last June 2005 and since then I didn't work as a nurse because of the low salary here in our country. I worked in a different area instead because I have to help my family financially. i recently passed NCLEX and am now contemplating whether I should really be working as a nurse here first in order toget a job in the states. My sister is already a nurse in CT for almost 7 years now and she wants me to work here in the Philippines because she said that my salary will be based on my experience. But what bothers me is, by the time the employer (hospital) interviews me by may or june this year, and if ever I decided to work in a hospital here. i would only have a 1 or 2 month experience and I don't think that is even a significant experience for them to base my salary. Help me please....I don't know whether to look for a high paying job first while waiting for my papers or to acquire hospital experience. And if it's not too much to ask...please recommend hospitals here in Metro Manila where they hire newbies...without paying extra for training. Thanks a lot and God bless everyone!!!
  11. hi again ms. suzanne! is it true that cgfns cvs' processing is taking too long this time? A friend told me that she sent her documents to them and it took them 6-8 months to send the request to the validating authority and to her school. And i often (very often!!) hear comments that cgfns lost their application forms which resulted to months of delay. Do you have info on this? How do i make sure that my documents reached them safely and that they'll be sending the request as soon as they get it? Hope there's a more convenient (and cheaper way) of reaching them aside from calling their office. thanks a bunch!! :)
  12. rn_05

    Salary of new RNs in Connecticut

    So if you're a new RN and you're "scouting" for a hospital in Connecticut, what is the salary range to consider, and what are the benefits that one should have?
  13. What is a good starting salary (per hour) in Connecticut ? Will it matter if you are a foreign nurse petitioned by a hospital or an agency? I just want to know since a friend of mine in Connecticut says she already talked to the hospital where she's working right now, and the hospital agreed to petition me as soon as I pass the NCLEX. I don't have any idea on the "offers" that I should consider so I decided to seek help on this forum. I know that i'll be "marketable" as soon as i pass the NCLEX :rotfl: and it'll be better if I know some things regarding this matter. Thanks a lot in advance!!!
  14. hi, ms.suzanne...it's me again...i have just sent my NY BON and CGFNS CVS forms to my sister in Connecticut...she'll be the one to send it to the proper authorities cause she's gona be paying for it :chuckle . Anyway, now that i've sent it I thought I'll finally have some peace of mind until I bumped into another discussion site where they keep on saying that New Mexico is faster than NY...is it true? Should I tell my sister to put my papers on hold (assuming she hasn't paid for it yet) and apply to New Mexico instead? Now, I'm more confused than I was before. Thus, i don't think I'll be practicing in either of these states( NY or NM), since my sister works at a hospital in CT, I guess I'll be working there too. Where do you think should I have my initial license processed? HELP!!!
  15. Well, actually I'm really confused, dunno if i'm doing the right thing. I finally got my license number from the registration authority here in the Philippines and so I'll be sending my CGFNS CVS, NY BON Form, and Visascreen this coming week. With regards to my plans, I'm currently taking the courses (online) required by the NY BON , after that, I'll be taking the IELTS exam. Then, i'll be waiting for my eligibility to sit for NCLEX from the NY BON. My sister is looking for an employer who would petition me (my sis is a nurse in Connecticut). So suzanne, am I on the right track? Going back to the mailing address for the forms I mentioned above, what can you finally suggest? Philippine add or US add? I don't really know when I am coming to the US, it all depends on the approval of these applications. Lastly, can I send you a sample of the filled-out forms so you can comment or suggest anything that would make me fill-in the entries correctly? THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HELP!!! :)
  16. suzanne, which is better, putting my address here in the philippines or putting my sis' address in connecticut as the mailing address for my cgfns and ny forms? will it affect my application? Some people say that processing will be faster if i use a US address since the mailing time will be shorter from state to state, then my sister can just use an overnight courier service to send it to me. sorry to bother you again...