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Salary of new RNs in Connecticut

What is a good starting salary (per hour) in Connecticut ? Will it matter if you are a foreign nurse petitioned by a hospital or an agency? I just want to know since a friend of mine in Connecticut says she already talked to the hospital where she's working right now, and the hospital agreed to petition me as soon as I pass the NCLEX. I don't have any idea on the "offers" that I should consider so I decided to seek help on this forum. I know that i'll be "marketable" as soon as i pass the NCLEX :rotfl: and it'll be better if I know some things regarding this matter. Thanks a lot in advance!!!

RosesrReder, ASN, BSN, MSN, RN

Has 18 years experience.

Not really sure but the grads from my school (I live in CT) all got jobs and some got started at 28.00 with an ADN.

They are required to offer the same salary that they would offer an American citizen if you are a holder of a green card.

So if you're a new RN and you're "scouting" for a hospital in Connecticut, what is the salary range to consider, and what are the benefits that one should have?

Salary is going to depend on which part of CT that you are looking at. The closer to NYC, the higher the cost of living, etc., therefore the higher salary.

If you look at some of the websites of hospitals in the area, they will usually list what benefits that they provide. Then you can use that as a comparison. Most are going to be quite similar in what they offer. But then it also depends on what you need. If you are single, you are not going to be worried about what child care that they have on campus, etc.

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