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  1. Hi everyone , as an RN I am very much considering going to NYC to help out with this mess. I have only done HHC for 4 years so I don’t even know if they would be able to use me. I have no experience in ICU or ER. Is anyone else considering doing this ?
  2. GRN005

    Pearsonvue trick- my experience

    Wanted to fill people in that have questions about checking the site before they get their unofficial results. Just sharing my experience -it is not a right or wrong opinion. After I took the boards they had just worked on the Pearson site so the "old trick" was gone.. I was brought to the CC page. After I put my info in , then I got the good pop up (little red triangle-already taken this exam etc.) I would recommend using a card that has no available credit . I did that in case I had to pay again. I would not have been able to at that time. That was 9/10/2014. Not sure if they changed anything again since then.
  3. GRN005

    Please help with this question!

    Ok this makes sense I was skeptical at first because I thought it was illegal but I understand now. Thank you !
  4. GRN005

    Please help with this question!

    Per diem
  5. GRN005

    Please help with this question!

    I was filling out paperwork at a home health agency I was hired for and it wasn't until then that hr went over the policies with me. She said that if documentation is not turned in by the time (midnight on Monday ) that they want it in your paycheck is held! Is this legal??? I understand they need this to bill but can they really do that??
  6. Wanted to compare ppv that other nurses/new grads are getting in homecare. What is it like and do you enjoy it?