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Hi everyone -

would anyone know if a relatively new nurse can work as an independent contractor ? Thanks

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What would your services consist of? You do realize that graduate nurses are considered to have accomplished roughly 50% of their education? Nursing school simply prepares you for passing the NCLEX. Nursing experience makes you a nurse.

The question really isn't can a new nurse work as an IC. It's what skills/experience/knowledge does a new nurse possess that someone would pay for?

And a practical hint: while investigating becoming an IC, be sure to consult a tax attorney. Those fees that you charge will be decimated by taxes, insurance, etc.


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Also, working as an independent contractor is the main circumstance in which I think it is essential to purchase your own individual . Since you are not an employee, you are not covered by the liability insurance of the entity for which you are providing independent contractor services.


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I have been working as an Independent Provider Nurse for over 15 years. I would suggest that you get some hospital experience before you enter this area of nursing. You can learn much from a hospital that will better prepare you to work on your own, including time management, equipment, assessment skills, dealing with doctors, how to handle emergencies and family members, etc. Yes, as mentioned above you will need , there are no paid sick, holiday or vacation days. You are paid on a 1099 and are responsible for your own tax payments. Your patient goes into the hospital, you do not get paid and have to be prepared for that financially. Records are kept for 7 years and you have to have locked cabinets for those. I do love this area of nursing but it is not for everyone.