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  1. erickz623

    ATI Comprehensive Predictor

    I took the practice tests, making sure that I studied topics that I was weaker in. I also downloaded the ATI RN Mentor app on my phone, which gives you a ton of questions from ATI. I also attended the ATI Live Review and read the review book they gave us. With all of that being said, I scored a 98% probability of passing NCLEX the first time. Study hard and you will be fine. Good luck!
  2. erickz623


    It depends on the school. My class was split into two groups of 6-7 each. We didn't get to choose which group we were in.
  3. I think an in-person interview follows the phone interview; I'm not exactly sure. Best of luck to you! I'm sure you'll do great!
  4. erickz623

    Moving for Nursing School

    I actually moved from California to South Central Texas to go to nursing school. It was very competitive back home so I needed to keep my options open. Keep an open mind and apply to different programs across the country. You will learn tremendously. Good luck.
  5. One of my classmates applied to CHRISTUS' residency program and he's already gotten a phone interview, so they have already started.
  6. erickz623

    Conflicted about Job Offer

    Follow your heart; think about where you would be the happiest. In my opinion, I think moving home would be best. You'd be with your family, you'd be making more money, and you'd get out of debt sooner.
  7. Started taking pre-reqs at 18. Started a BSN program last fall at 20. I'll be graduating this May at 21 years old!
  8. erickz623

    Head to Toe Assessment

    Hi guys! So, I'm having trouble when performing a head to toe assessment on my patients in clinical. What do you guys typically start with and how long does it take you? I find myself referring back to my notes frequently to make sure I didn't forget to assess something. I've seen multiple RNs do an assessment, but they're in and out within 5-10 minutes. More often than not, they don't do a complete assessment so I haven't had a good example thus far. I'm looking forwards to your responses!