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  1. uconnhuskies25

    New Graduate nurse moving to Denver

    I am starting the UConn CEIN program for 2017. I lived in Colorado Springs for 5 months and I absolutely loved Colorado! I volunteered at Memorial Hospital Colorado Springs while out there. I am wondering how y'all did with the job search in Colorado? Would love some advice from UConn grads! Plan on moving out there when I finish the program, hopefully Denver or Boulder. Colorado Springs is a bit conservative for me!
  2. uconnhuskies25

    Nursing Student getting cold feet

    Hi Everyone! I would just like to update that I decided that I will be attending the accelerated nursing program. Thanks for your advice! I see the light at the end of the tunnel :) The book 7 summits: A nurses quest to conquer mountaineering and life helped me to realize my aspirations. My dream is to work as a travel OR nurse!
  3. uconnhuskies25

    Emory New Nurse Grad Residency Program March 2016

    Hi y'all! First, I want to say congratulations to all of you for becoming Emory nurses. Emory Healthcare is a great system that really cares about their employees! I was wondering if I could get some advice about the residency program: 1) What are the avaliable specialities for the nurse residency program? 2) I am out-of-state, in CT, and I was wondering for those who traveled from out-of-state, how long did you stay in Atlanta for? Were you in the middle of your nursing program/how did you miss classes? 3) When I apply for the March 2017 program, (In September 2016) I will finish my program in December 2016 and take NCLEX in Jan 2017, were you finished with your nursing program when you applied? I will also be attending an acclerated BSN program, just wondering if any applicants were similar? I interned with the Emory Clinic this past summer in the administrative department - loved it! Atlanta is wonderful and would love to be back at Emory! :)
  4. uconnhuskies25

    Nursing Student getting cold feet

    Hi Everyone, I am seeking some adivce from current nurses/nursing students. I was accepted into an accelerated nursing program that starts in January, but I am getting cold feet about it. I am not sure if I have it in me to care for people the rest of my life. I was also attracted to nursing because of the versatility of the career. I was drawn to OR nursing after shadowing over the summer, but I am not sure I would like working with surgeons who I have heard can be terrible to work with. I currently have no loans from my undergrad degree in Healthcare Management. I do not want a job where I work at the desk the rest of my life, that is something that partly attracted me to nursing. I am someone who is very passionate about the outdoors, that is what drew me to nursing as well because I could have a balanced life working 3 days on 4 days off. I also was drawn to nursing after volunteering at a nursing home and interacting with the residents, I loved it. I did a summer internship at Emory Healthcare over the summer in healthcare administration. I hated the politics that went into this type of business, it seems nothing ever gets done. I would also like to go into nursing to work on mission trips and help in third world countries. Please give me advice about what I should do. Thanks for reading this :)
  5. uconnhuskies25

    Prospective Cein applicant

    Just wanted to update that I was accepted to the CEIN program and I took community college classes. Thanks y'all!
  6. uconnhuskies25

    UCONN CEIN 2016

    Hi, I applied to the Waterbury campus and I also have not heard anything. I was also getting nervous because it appears people from other campuses have heard. Hopefully we will hear this week, I will post as soon as I hear anything. Best of luck to you!
  7. uconnhuskies25

    UCONN CEIN 2016

    Hi, I also applied to the UConn CEIN NUrsing Program for Jan. 2016 at the Waterbury campus. I called admissions last week and they said that they should be sending out letters this week. Good luck!
  8. uconnhuskies25

    Accelerated Nursing Candidate

    Hey Everyone, I am currently going to be a senior at UConn Storrs. My major is Healthcare Management in the business school and I want to pursue an accelerated nursing program after graduation, hoping to pursue a career in nurse management or hospital management. I will graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in Business in May 2015. I currently have these prerequisites completed: Biology - B+ Statistics - A Chemistry - A A&P I - A Developmental Psych - A A&P II - currently taking Genetics- taking in the fall Nursing Research - taking in the fall Microbiology - Taking in the winter My overall GPA is a 3.78. I plan to apply to UConn and Quinnipiac's programs as well as Medical University of South Carolina. I was wondering if anyone had other suggestions for programs to apply to? Preferably programs that offer scholarships. I don't plan on staying in Connecticut, probably moving somewhere down South. Thank you for taking the time to read this :)
  9. uconnhuskies25

    Prospective Cein applicant

    Hello Everyone, It is great to read all of these posts, congrats to everyone who was accepted. I am currently a junior at the University of Connecticut Storrs majoring in Healthcare Management. Because I am a business major, I had difficulty fitting science courses into my schedule. I have managed to take Genetics, Statistics, BIO 1107, Chemistry, and a research methods course at UConn. I am going to take A&P I and II at a community college as well as Microbiology. I was wondering if admissions looks negatively upon courses taken at a community college or if it is just certain classes? Thank you for taking the time to read this! Kristen