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It is great to read all of these posts, congrats to everyone who was accepted. I am currently a junior at the University of Connecticut Storrs majoring in Healthcare Management. Because I am a business major, I had difficulty fitting science courses into my schedule. I have managed to take Genetics, Statistics, BIO 1107, Chemistry, and a research methods course at UConn. I am going to take A&P I and II at a community college as well as Microbiology. I was wondering if admissions looks negatively upon courses taken at a community college or if it is just certain classes? Thank you for taking the time to read this!



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From talking to multiple people in admissions it looks like they just care that you took the class, and that you did well in it. As long as you've taken the equivalent class as listed on (there's a link on the cein page about equivalent courses at other schools) it really shouldn't matter where your transcript is from.


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With the exception of Bio, Stats, and Research Methods (at Sacred Heart and U Phoenix) I got in to the CEIN program having taken all my prerequisites at Connecticut community colleges. I took these classes long after getting my B.A., so I think they understand that there is really no other financially feasible option for most people. Unless you are applying to Med School, I don't really think that schools care about where you took the classes. Rather, in speaking with the people at UConn, they seemed to imply that they cared more about how many classes you were taking at once compared to your work schedule. If you are not working full time, they probably want to see you taking 2-3 classes at one.

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I am in the CEIN program and most of my classmates, including myself, took their prerequisites at community colleges. This is not a problem at all. Good luck.


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It's really no problem. I did ALL of my prereqs at various CCs with the exception of the research which I did at UCONN b/c there were no CCs offering the course I needed when I needed it. Admissions does care about the grades you got, but it's fine to take them at CCs. Since we all have at least a bachelor's in something else, the CEIN people assume we have to go back and take courses. Heck, it's hard enough getting a spot in some of the science courses at CCs; I can't imagine if we all had to get seats at UCONN for everything.

Just wanted to update that I was accepted to the CEIN program and I took community college classes. Thanks y'all!

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