Nursing Student getting cold feet

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Hi Everyone,

I am seeking some adivce from current nurses/nursing students. I was accepted into an accelerated nursing program that starts in January, but I am getting cold feet about it. I am not sure if I have it in me to care for people the rest of my life.

I was also attracted to nursing because of the versatility of the career. I was drawn to OR nursing after shadowing over the summer, but I am not sure I would like working with surgeons who I have heard can be terrible to work with.

I currently have no loans from my undergrad degree in Healthcare Management. I do not want a job where I work at the desk the rest of my life, that is something that partly attracted me to nursing.

I am someone who is very passionate about the outdoors, that is what drew me to nursing as well because I could have a balanced life working 3 days on 4 days off.

I also was drawn to nursing after volunteering at a nursing home and interacting with the residents, I loved it.

I did a summer internship at Emory Healthcare over the summer in healthcare administration. I hated the politics that went into this type of business, it seems nothing ever gets done.

I would also like to go into nursing to work on mission trips and help in third world countries.

Please give me advice about what I should do. Thanks for reading this :)


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I finished an accelerated program (14 months ADN~~end of May to August). It was trying at times, no breaks, but in the end totally worth it. I also worked part time (8 to 20 hours a week). I think if you can stay motivated, and see the light at the end of the tunnel it is worth it. Find a study group//motivators//friends and you can totally do it!

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Not sure if I understand your expectations after becoming a nurse. Let me try to help. This is coming from a nurse that currently works in the OR setting. I was in pre-op and recovery for over a year and now I am a circulator and a PACU nurse. I would like to say that nursing is not for everyone, but the aspect of caring for people is what empowers me to go to work everyday. I do get paid more than I ever have up to this point in my life but the fact that I can see how I make a difference in peoples lives everyday brings me back for more.

Sure there is always that "Doc" that you don't like to work with but I do not see it as such a bad thing. I am professional, give respect, and also stand up for myself and earn respect. I always remember that if given an attitude it is their attitude not mine. I just don't see it as a big problem but I may be working at a facility that is better than others. Either way I would not let a surgeon set my attitude.

I feel lucky to be a OR nurse, it is really fascinating. Most of the time I am home by 3:00 but I work 5 days a week. Usually I go home somewhat clean because my scrubs are provided by the facility and I wear street clothes to and from work. People are usually healthy (within reason) and I believe that the environment is cleaner than on other units. The time off is great! I start with 4 weeks vacation a year plus extended sick leave.

You just need to see the whole picture (from your standpoint) and make a decision you can live with. I couldn't imagine working on any other unit or any other profession. Nursing school was much more of a problem, being a nurse is great!


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Hi Everyone!

I would just like to update that I decided that I will be attending the accelerated nursing program. Thanks for your advice! I see the light at the end of the tunnel :) The book 7 summits: A nurses quest to conquer mountaineering and life helped me to realize my aspirations. My dream is to work as a travel OR nurse!