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LPN to RN Nursing Student

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  1. addylpn

    Application question

    I'm currently in the RN program at a community college and will be done in Fall '17. After I start working, I'd like to start working on my BSN. When would be a good time to apply to the OU program? Is there a waiting list? I still need to take a couple prereqs.
  2. addylpn

    Thrown off orientation too early??

    Shortening of orientation happens pretty frequently especially in LTC. If a nurse knows she has an orienteee, the chances of her calling off increase. I know this to be true because I've seen it time and time again. That nurse puts your co-workers in a bad position because they are having to pick up your slack. Honestly, your night doesn't sound half bad. Annoying? Yes. The AM nurse seemed to be picking on you a bit which I would have explained, "I'm really sorry if I've forgotten something but you see I was supposed to be orienting last night". I would definetly talk to your nurse manager and explain your need for more orientation. Everyone is different and needs different things. If you don't speak up, they will assume you are fine on your own.
  3. addylpn

    Teamwork...Why do we do this to ourselves?

    You are very misinformed. There are MANY Cna's that have completed medication certification classes that allow them to LEGALLY pass medications. They are called MA's and are mostly working in AL and LTC facilities. You're statement implies that these nurses are allowing this to happen illegally when that is not the case.
  4. addylpn

    The most comfortable Nursing Shoes

    Alegria "Dana" are great if you have wide, flat feet.
  5. addylpn


    Anyone know of some good review materials for transitioning from lpn to rn? I will be starting my bridge next semester and woukd like to brush up a bit. Thanks!
  6. addylpn

    Please share bad experiences as a new nurse

    My first death and the only nurse around was a cold, heartless B! Was nervous about calling the family and I wasn't sure about the paperwork...she pretty much left me in the dust.
  7. addylpn

    indefinite suspension because of med error

    Dying 😂😂😂
  8. addylpn

    indefinite suspension because of med error

    Oh give me a break. Everyone here has a fake name so don't give me a load about integrity. If it's ok for you to use an alias, it's should be ok for the OP. Like I said, give it up already!
  9. addylpn

    indefinite suspension because of med error

    Just curious, why does it matter whether the OP is really "the friend"? Why is it your business and what different advice/input would you give? It is the right of the OP if he/she chooses to remain anonymous...give it up already!
  10. addylpn

    That one nurse...

    I think the manager allows this because overall she is a good nurse who genuinely cares for her patients. It's upsetting because the other nurses always get stuck working with the less than par aides because she doesn't like them. I find her to be very passive aggressive when she doesn't get her way. If she ever makes it into a hospital setting-they will eat her alive!
  11. addylpn

    That one nurse...

    There's a nurse at my facility that requests to only work with certain nurses. She asked the scheduler to alter her schedule to accomodate this. Also, if an aide that she does not care for is scheduled to her, she assigns them to another nurse. Some nurses seem to cater to this nurse because she is highly sensitive and gets her feelings hurt easily. This is an ALF and she talks about becoming an RN so she can work in a hospital. Would this behavior fly anywhere else? I feel that you encounter many types in nursing and you work with the cards you are dealt. Isn't that reality? This nurse was very spoiled by her parents, handled with kid gloves and everyone is aware that they must be sensitive to her or she has been known to cry. How will she survive in a hospital setting? I guess you could say I'm a tad annoyed with her behavior. I try to be understanding but enough is enough!
  12. addylpn

    I'm a nurse and I don't like people.

    This makes me feel so good to know that I am not alone out there! People are different, introvertion is finally coming to the forefront and is becoming more accepted. My mother, an extrovert, used to make me feel guilty about myself: "stop being so antisocial", "you need to come out of your shell". In the last few years, I've finally begun to accept myself for who I am. If you are happy, no matter what situation you are in, never feel inferior. The world would be so boring if everyone was the same. As for work, I know some of my co-workers are trying to pick my brain, find out why I mostly keep to myself. They feel as though they need to solve this mystery or think I must be "hiding something". It's frustrating. I just want to be helpful, be efficient, give good patient care and then...go home! As for the fakeness, I see the friendships between my coworkers (introverts are VERY observant) and I see how one minute they are buddy buddy and then the next they are talking smack about each other. I mean terrible, terrible things are said. It makes me feel even more reluctant to become close to people if this is how it is. I just really don't want to be involved. My wish is for one day people become more aware of introvertion. Realize that this person is not cold, stuck up, antisocial or weird. They are just themselves.
  13. I went into nursing because I wanted a stable job with decent pay. I also wanted to be able to help people. I'm a compassionate person, but I'm also very introverted. In other words, people suck the life out of me. The longer I work in this field, the more I realize that I don't care for people much. Not necessarily my patients but other nurses, management, family members of patients, etc. I find most people to be backstabbing, selfish jerks. The blame game runs rampant. I take awesome care of my patients, they are the only ones who get a pass when they are mean or grouchy towards me but it's the others that I can't stand. I relish in my time alone, with my boyfriend and dogs. I get invited to work stuff but rarely go because I can't stand the fakeness. I don't have a lot of friends and it doesn't bother me in the least. I like to be alone in my thoughts. I feel that most people nowadays only care about themselves and I don't even care to get to know them. I probably sound like a complete cynic but I really try to be a good person. Often to the extent that I get completely screwed. My job is my only social life because its enough socializing for me. Am I the only one that feels this way? Will I survive nursing?
  14. addylpn

    Esme Needs Your Prayers

    Esme gave me my 1st ((hug))! Your kindness meant more than you know! Get well soon!
  15. addylpn

    Work and school

    Hi all, I just got accepted into a lpn to rn bridge program. I currently work ft at a ALF and prn at a LTC. When I was in Lpn school I did not work at all. I was a student who had to study my butt off for my grades and rarely had any free time. My question is: how much do you think I could work (if at all) to maintain my gpa? Like I said, I NEED to study, am not a naturally intelligent person...I'd like to maintain my gpa above 3.5 bc I want to continue with my education...should I go PRN, part-time? Advice please! Thanks! (Side note: I was able to take 6 credit hrs of prereqs while working ft)
  16. addylpn

    Depression. . maybe

    Nursing school is hard. You are bombarded with studying, homework, tests, clinicals. Friends and family don't understand why you don't have time to "hang out". Oh, and the money situation sucks too, especially if you can't work atleast a couple days a week. The thing to keep in mind is-this is only temporary. Once you get through the program & pass the nclex, you will be left with a very rewarding career. You will have lots of free time, money in your pocket and a respectable job. If you are having situational depression, go talk to someone...you may need a temporary mood stabilizer to help you get through this tough program. Also, remember to set aside some YOU time to wind down and relax! Keep your head up! Hope this helps:)