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Work and school


Hi all,

I just got accepted into a lpn to rn bridge program. I currently work ft at a ALF and prn at a LTC. When I was in Lpn school I did not work at all. I was a student who had to study my butt off for my grades and rarely had any free time. My question is: how much do you think I could work (if at all) to maintain my gpa? Like I said, I NEED to study, am not a naturally intelligent person...I'd like to maintain my gpa above 3.5 bc I want to continue with my education...should I go PRN, part-time? Advice please! Thanks! (Side note: I was able to take 6 credit hrs of prereqs while working ft)

I think you should do PRN so you can focus on your studies and skills. I'm in an RN BSN program now and it requires a lot outta you. You have the upper hand because you have healthcare experience as an LPN. However, part time I think would w a better option.

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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During my time in an LPN-to-ASN bridge program I worked 32 hours every weekend. I worked two 16-hour weekend double shifts every Saturday and Sunday as an LVN at a local nursing home, enabling me to have Monday through Friday off for school.

Hey there! My husband has granted me the ok to STOP working and focus solely on completing all coursework. I have 5 classes to take and should be done in about 3-5 months. I've gone years trying to finish classes while working one, two, sometimes three jobs at once. The outcome of me not working is prayerfully that I will complete and pass all classes so that I can do my clinicals and get back to work. I have been an LPN for almost 9 years now so the experience can help me breeze through these classes!! I think you'll have to determine if you can or can't work while in school. It's ALOT of material to remember and retain! I know you can do it!!!

Be blessed.