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  1. Omg! This sounds a little like an experience I was in. I worked for one provider who couldn't keep a nurse. After I started working there I began to see why. I felt as if my license would get stripped of state came in. Lol. I terminated my employment. I gave them time to hire and develop policies that would help protect me (as the only clinical staff) but they did not do it. The office manager had ZERO healthcare/clinical experience and that made her a horrible manager for me. The physician was overwhelmed and left me to my own devices. There were ZERO policies and procedures anywhere. I met resistance with manager when it came time to order supplies that we needed and so on and so on. It was a mess and after talking with my hubby we both decided that my license meant more than that stressful, hostile work environment. They still used paper charting (even though we had an EMR) and there were HIPAA violations EVERYWHERE. The patients suffered because as one nurse, I couldn't complete a days work in a day. Smh. It was a mess. I worked so hard that it was always "five o'clock". Meaning, the day went by so fast. I prayed about it for weeks and since leaving, life has been great. Do what you have to do!! Whatever is best for you and your family! Be blessed. TA
  2. tyra_nursetye

    Forced to resign, new grad with only 1 year of experinece.

    Condescending! No way! That's not my intention. I wish everyone the best and I pray blessings for all. Positivity can be taken as negativity, huh? But no, I mean well. :-)
  3. tyra_nursetye

    Searching hard for a great online LPN-RN program

    You didn't need A&P classes for LPN?
  4. tyra_nursetye

    Forced to resign, new grad with only 1 year of experinece.

    Amen roser13! I don't know how I had so many responses to my post and not the OP's but anyway.... I have not accepted the position, haven't given much thought to it. Jus want to finish these last classes and pass the test! I've been a nurse for almost 10yrs...I trust that God will keep the nay-sayers and those who seek to take advantage of my status at bay. He's brought me this far... Bless you! To the OP, keep your head up! It's been some really good advice/posts up here for you!!
  5. tyra_nursetye

    Forced to resign, new grad with only 1 year of experinece.

    Teeheee!! Have you been looking for a management position? I see a lot of ppl find my post about going into management a lil odd ;-) My employer has offered me the position as I've shown that I'm capable to handle it. Just need to see if I want to accept! I haven't even taken my NCLEX-RN yet!!! I am pleased to be offered the position but I want to see what else is available for me. I've trained under the best and with God's continued favor, I'm sure I would be great managing the clinic. Be blessed!
  6. tyra_nursetye

    Forced to resign, new grad with only 1 year of experinece.

    Thank you! I've been offered a position already...God truly is amazing! Just have to see if I'll accept it. Thanks again. Be Blessed!
  7. tyra_nursetye

    Forced to resign, new grad with only 1 year of experinece.

    Hi RoseQueen! I guess its specific to the employee/employer. In response to another person's post to me, I'm already walking that road (so to speak). It's a personal approach, meaning, in my employment, I have the ability to accept the management position I've been offered. Everyone has an opinion and I believe yours is that new grads don't belong in management. That's cool! It's wonderful to have an opinion! I wanted to give the OP my opinion and a little of my nursing thoughts/plans. Thanks for sharing. Be blessed.
  8. tyra_nursetye

    Forced to resign, new grad with only 1 year of experinece.

    Hi there! I am currently an LPN...worked under fabulous nurse managers who have a spot for me already. It's important to know your strengths (MY OPINION) and play on them. I've been "managing" the clinic in their absences so I have that experience. Be blessed.
  9. tyra_nursetye

    Forced to resign, new grad with only 1 year of experinece.

    I would try another department maybe....ER may be a bit much for some new grads. Idk, just by reading your post, it sounds like a bit much for you. Personally, I look at nursing as a way for me to work towards my strengths and not my weaknesses. I'm stronger at following orders and caring out plans and I KNOW this. So I KNOW ER, critical care and cardiac are NOT areas for me. ;-) I work well with doctors and adult patients....so I gravitate towards those environments (LTC, internal medicine). While in nursing school now, I think more of my strengths are delegation and management of care. So when I pass my nclex RN I will look for maybe an ADON position or nurse manager. It's great for new grads to jump in head first if that's their desire...BUT we all must know when we began to jeopardize our patients. Because it's not about us, it's about them! #MyOpinion Be blessed!
  10. tyra_nursetye

    What does your username mean?

    My name is Tyra I am a nurse. Family and friends call me "tye" 😘
  11. tyra_nursetye


    Hey!!! Ima North Carolinian!! What's up! Lol :-) anywho, I didn't even know A&T had a nursing program.. Good Luck and keep ya head up! TA
  12. Agreed. I think location plays a part in this. Here in NC, LPNs can initiate patient teaching and are taught in nursing school nursing procedures and how to teach patients how to manage equipment, supplies, etc. our LTC Facilities are full of LPNs who do everything. No RN to sign off.
  13. tyra_nursetye

    2015 Current LPN Pay

    LTC no experience starts at $16 with shift diff. More experience, more per hour Clinics depends on experience: $15-$20. eastern NC
  14. tyra_nursetye

    Transition from bedside to call center/triage?

    I worked non-clinical call center for almost two years. They both involved nursing assessment skill. Everything else was administration and customer service. It was what I call "a break from clinical" nursing. It was fun for me because I like to talk and type. So I excelled at becoming an adverse event nurse for the programs I worked on. You will have to "want to do it" because it can become stressful: call monitoring, remember scriptings and wordings, scheduled breaks, strict schedule adherence, etc. It was cool though; remember I only did it for a little less than 2 years *wink*
  15. tyra_nursetye

    Work and school

    Hey there! My husband has granted me the ok to STOP working and focus solely on completing all coursework. I have 5 classes to take and should be done in about 3-5 months. I've gone years trying to finish classes while working one, two, sometimes three jobs at once. The outcome of me not working is prayerfully that I will complete and pass all classes so that I can do my clinicals and get back to work. I have been an LPN for almost 9 years now so the experience can help me breeze through these classes!! I think you'll have to determine if you can or can't work while in school. It's ALOT of material to remember and retain! I know you can do it!!! Be blessed.
  16. tyra_nursetye

    Searching hard for a great online LPN-RN program

    I'm doing Excelsior as well. So far no issues (Thank God) and I should be done with all classes by the summer. I'll need to take some focused clinical assessments and then on to the 2 1/2 days of clinicals. God is truly blessing me!!! And he will bless you too. Hope you find a program soon. Look into Excelsior and see if it works for you!