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I was previously a Medical Assistant and had no luck with getting a job due to "no experience". I would love to hear from other pre-nursing students, nurses, and other staff working in the medical field.

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  1. What was your experience like at the Prairie View nursing program? If you are currently a student, what's life like at this very moment? Are you currently working and attending school? For the graduates, was it hard to find employment?
  2. LD Nurses

    What are the pros and cons of being a LD nurse? Do you love your work? Any experiences to share?
  3. Got my dream job as a new grad !!

    Congrats, I too, am hoping to be an OB nurse. That's really inspiring.
  4. Need info about Bryant and Stratton nursing program..

    What are the hours for night and weekend classes at B&S?
  5. Happy Bryant & Stratton now offers RN-BSN

    That is great news, I wish you the best of luck
  6. Bryant and stratton

    I'm not enrolled, but I do plan on attending B&S. I'm definitely looking into the next available class. I'll be going to visit the campus pretty soon and taking whatever tests that are needed to get accepted. Since three months have passed, have...
  7. Concorde Career College Dallas - RN Program

    I guess nobody has enrolled or is not speaking up!
  8. For all the nurses who went to El Centro in Dallas, TX, how long did it take you to get into the actual nursing program? I'm curious. I'll be finished with my prereqs at the end of the summer and very anxious to get into the program.
  9. MA v.s LPN on job availability alone

    I went to a for profit school so my credits did not transfer unfortunately. I wish I was able to tranfer something and the medical assistant training counted for something but community colleges aren't excepting medical assistant training as valid.
  10. Starting West Coast university Jan 2014 in dallas

    So do you have to pay monthly installments? I will not be working during school at all.
  11. Starting West Coast university Jan 2014 in dallas

    Yes I was thinking of applying but was a little afraid of the hefty school loan that I'll be stuck with after completing the program. I am supposed to be going in to speak with someone about the program pretty soon and was just wondering about others...
  12. Concorde Dallas RN program

    I go tomorrow to see what its like.
  13. Nursing Career

    Wow! I didnt know having a family had such an impact on the work schedule. Makes plenty of sense to me.
  14. Nursing Career

    @GrnTea that's exactly what I wanted to know, how nursing has changed your life and others around you. Your response put a smile on my face. As the old saying goes: Knowledge is POWER!
  15. Nursing Career

    How has nursing changed your life? Best decision you've ever made? Tell us how it has played a positive role in your life.